X Terrace London Hat Week 2020 – Futuristic Theme

This year, The Great Hat Exhibition curated by X Terrace Fashion Platform takes on the theme of ‘To Future and Back’ where milliners from around the world can express their talent through creations inspired by different eras ranging from the retro to the future.

The Exhibition is on 8th–11th October but here is a sneak peek of some of the hats to be on display.

Part Two – Futuristic

Milliners were encouraged to show their vision of the future via their hat designs. Ideas such as sci-fi, high tech, environmentally friendly imagined worlds and 3D printers.


Milliner Monique Lee Hylands-White is the curator of The Hat Exhibition. www.moniquelee.uk Country UK/Taiwan

Shangri-La at the Shard inspired by Renzo Piano’s striking vertical city ‘The Shard’ and within it a mystical utopia Shangri-La where people will live isolated from the world happily in the future.

Materials: Swarovski crystals, glass, silk, sinamay.


Carole Bowley Millinery, UK


Larvacea inspired by architect Vincent Callebau’s underwater city.

Materials: sinamay, buckram, foil fabric with metallic effect beads and LED lighting with remote control and concealed removable batteries.

Outer Space

Miss Ginny Millinery. Designer Charmaine Mitchell, UK.


Unknown Orbits inspired by outer space and orbits.

Materials: sinamay, Swiss straw, thread, polystyrene ball, crystal, beads, chopstick, wire.


Dilara Latrous Millinery, France.

Instagram @dilara.latrous

20 Seconds to Mars inspired by the exploration of space. Will our children live on other planets?

Materials: curved strips of French silk satin in two shades, crystals, vintage blocking canvas.


Victoria Charles Headpieces. Designer Victoria Patricia Carson, UK.


Galaxy inspired by an image of a purple space galaxy.

Materials: plastic spheres, wire, dyed sinamay.

Climate Change

Astrid Schouten Hatdesign, Netherlands


Miss Waterlander inspired by future climate. Will we have dry feet in future? Also inspired by Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli’s shoe hat created in 1937 in collaboration with Salvador Dali.

Materials: old rubber boot with rope.


Ys. Dazzle. Designer Yaa Serwaah Asante-Asare, Ghana.

Instagram @ys.dazzle

LeoCarp inspired by the rainbow.

Materials: whalebone, satin bias.


Wendy Scully Millinery, Australia.


Sky inspired by a clean and beautiful sky as we battle for climate change.

Materials: paper, fine wire, acrylic paint, hand dyed goose feathers, vintage glass beads.




Winnie Lin Millinery, Taiwan.

Instagram @winnie_lin_millinery

The Last Iceberg inspired by iceberg calving due to climate change.

Materials: UV jewellery gel.


Wanling Xu, China.


Melting Iceberg inspired by the deformation of iceberg shape and the call for awareness and vigilance of global warming and ecological environment issue.

Materials: traditional Chinese natural plant blue dye on cotton, origami repetition, structure modelling.


M.O.D. Designs. Designer Moira O’Toole, Ireland.

Intagram @m.o.d_designs

Iseult meaning Frozen in Time inspired by recycling waste to create an object of beauty.

Materials: wire, scraps of leather, crinoline, recycled plastic bottles, beads and Christmas decorations.


Jenny Beattie Millinery, UK.


Starling Murmuration inspired by 2048 and our water crisis forces reuse of the unrecyclable.

Materials: used teabags bonded and strengthened with varnish before folding.


Made by Blasko. Designer Katarina Blasko Svecova, Slovakia


Upcycling Mind inspired by one of the biggest problems affecting the future – plastic pollution.

Materials: reused plastic and crystals, sandpaper.


Exhibition Details

The Exhibition will take place 8th–11th October 2020 at:

The Black Swan Studios, 2–3 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3XW.

Book tickets via: 


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