Dresses at the Races

Shoes for Dresses at the Races

Shoes, glorious shoes!  Shoes for dresses at the races, the height of a heel, alongside the design of the shoe, complement and finish an outfit. 

I’ve been doing some shoe people watching of late, my detective work has lead me to believe that nowadays a majority of women are wearing flat shoes/ballerina pumps saving their stilettos for special occasions.

However, a stiletto heel does wonders for how it makes your legs look longer, when worn with dresses or skirts, my caution would be when wearing high heels, make sure they are comfortable and not pinching.  The mini catwalk ‘shoe show’, we perform  in the store, is not a reflection of life in the real world.  So if you hear yourself saying things such as ‘it will be alright, it just needs to stretch a little’,  try not to let the ‘stretching’ of the shoe be at your feet’s expense. 

I recall going to a party in these ‘killer heeled’ pink stilettos, they looked wonderful on with my silver mock snakeskin wrap dress; they were a lot higher than I would normally wear, and I could walk in them comfortably. But at the end of the evening, on removing my shoes, my toes had succumbed to the fetal position, the pointed angle of the shoe front did not allow for any wriggle room, so I paid the price! Oh the things we do for our fashion.

Walking in heels – the high heeled veterans out there, they don’t walk, but glide, some can even run in stilettos, I salute you, as I personally feel, walking in high heels is a skill in itself. Nothing looks as excruciating, as someone in high heels that they can neither walk nor balance in, and that’s before a glass of Chardonnay; in fact it throws your whole look out of sync. 

Finding the right height heel, plus style of heel, is important; a block heel whilst more supportive may be too chunky for your overall look, and a ballerina pump may be too flat. Kitten heels work wonders, provided the strap for the back of your heel sits comfortably at the ankle and not digging into your ankle. Your heel should be supported by the shoe heel itself, and not resting on the perimeter.  

One thing I have come to learn over the years, finding a pair of shoes, that fits comfortably and supports your feet, can sometimes be a needle in a haystack, so it’s good to pay attention to shoe brands that provide quality, comfort and design. Also, don’t wait for a special occasion to wear a bright coloured or patterned shoe, it’s amazing how what appears to be a small detail can have a major impact. But, ‘I don’t wear dresses to the races, I prefer a trouser suit,’ I hear you say. Well, brogues always look wonderful with trousers, as do heeled mules.

Before getting dressed for your occasion, put the whole look together, jewellery, the shoes and bag you intend to carry, you are now your own stylist, this is where your fun begins!  

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