Author: Coraline Turner

COUTURE COMMENT: Why Scarves are Important

There is an accessory that is universal, it’s also unisex, appeals to all ages, it will never go out of fashion, you can never have enough of them, it also has health benefits and is an all weather accessory. Pay homage to the humble scarf, a length of fabric that provides numerous opportunities to reinvent an outfit and sparkle to your personality. Having researched the history books there has not been a time when some form of a scarf has not been worn by either males or females. For women the scarf was once popular in the form of...

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COUTURE COMMENT: Why Clothing Sizes vary from store to store

Why Clothing Sizes vary – have you ever said to yourself: “Oh no I’ve just been into one boutique and I am a size 12 but now in another boutique I am a size 14, how did this happen?!” Panic not, I’ve got you covered: sizing throughout the UK and EU varies vastly between each fashion company and it’s all because of their ‘fit model’. You see in the world of fashion they have their version of the ideal woman, her lifestyle, where she likes to shop, the kind of work she does, the food she eats, the magazines...

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COUTURE COMMENT: To Tie or Not to Tie – the Subtle Charm of a Gentleman’s Tie

When you look at fashion history for the United Kingdom, you will see that a gentleman’s necktie was a prerequisite part of their clothing, regardless of class or status and especially if you were going to Church. The tie travelled alongside a gentleman’s handkerchief, the symbol of a gentleman, worn in his top breast pocket, and used for those occasions when a lady might need consoling, (although a lady often had her own handkerchief). The neck-tie has managed to outlast the bowler hat, which would be tipped as a mark of polite respect. It was considered a rite of...

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COUTURE COMMENT: How to look good in Trousers

Trousers, pants, slacks, some fashion historians say these bifurcated garments took their design from bloomers, and were adopted by Mrs Amelia Bloomer, a social activist for women’s reform whom it is suggested also felt that women should be less restricted in their clothing for certain activities. If you’d like to know How to look good in Trousers, read on… It’s interesting to note nowadays that trousers are seen as the norm in replacing a skirt, yet there was a time when ‘women wearing trousers’ was an absolute no-no as a form of dress, especially in the workplace. Even more interesting are shorts today: they were once an item...

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Do you want a hemline that shows off your legs?

Looking for a hemline that shows off your legs? The ‘Handkerchief Hem’ dress could be your answer… A dress with a  handkerchief hemline is a wonderful way to show off sun kissed legs – especially when you add a bit of sparkle. In The Times fashion (19th July 2017) writer Anna Murphy spoke of how she’s  in love with handkerchief hems aka HH: “they are feminine and flattering – and I’d like more of them…”. I have to confess to you Ms Murphy is right; it’s the way in which this particular style of dress is cut, there is...

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