Spice Up Your Suit for the Summer Races

Transform an ordinary business suit for a day at the races with bold and fun accessories.

A patterned shirt is the easiest way to spice up a conservative suit, so swap the traditional white/pale blue workwear shirt for a playful print. 

Prices correct at time of writing.

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Pink for the Boys

Joe Browns Fabulous Floral Shirt is both bold and subtle with a colour palette of light and dark dusky pink balanced with denim blue. The floral design is of a contemporary style with loose feathery brush strokes, wooden buttons and chambray trim detail on cuffs.

Price Was £40 but now £29.

Fabulous Floral Shirt | Menswear | Joe Browns

Add more fabulousness by attaching Joe Browns black and pink feather pin to your jacket lapel.

Price £9.

Vibrant Feather Pin | Accessories | Joe Browns

Some race enclosures require gentlemen to wear a tie. For the classic option, opt for a plain pink or blue tie. But if you feel daring in your dapper choice, go for a patterned tie. However there are sartorial rules:

  • Mix it Up – do not wear a shirt and tie in the same pattern
  • Size Matters – patterns worn together need to vary in size
  • Colour Swatch – take a colour in your shirt and choose a tie which has some of that colour in its pattern. The rest can be complementary or contrasting
  • Rules are to be broken! Once you have mastered the rules then get creative and play around with them. Sometimes it just works.

We’ve teamed this shirt with Greshams Blake’s 100% Silk Tie with an opulent fuchsia and purple design. Tie is 8cm wide, tipped with Gresham Blake Union flag and is made in the UK.

Price £51.

Shop Purple & Fuchsia Opulent Tie | Gresham Blake – Gresham Blake Online

Going for Gold

Karen Gold’s shirt abstract print has a nod to the traditional paisley print in a myriad of blues and a touch of golden yellows and browns. In lightweight cotton with a matt appearance.

Price £45.

Long Sleeve Shirt | Karen Gold

Let the gold shine out with Geoff Stocker’s Wefted Warp tie. The undulating lines of its optical pattern interacts with the cross weave of the twill, creating constant movement as reflected light and the golden silk work together. 100% lightweight silk twill.

Price £75.

WEFTED WARP – Geoff Stocker silk accessories for men and women

A pocket square always adds flair and sometimes fun to a jacket, especially to a business suit. Again there are sartorial rules to follow:

  • No Match – the pocket square should complement your outfit but never match exactly
  • Block Colours – never wear a tie and pocket square in the same block colour, save that for the ushers at a wedding. When wearing a block colour pocket square with a patterned tie or shirt, don’t always choose the main colour of the tie or shirt. Choosing the least dominant colour will actually bring a sharper look 
  • Mix it Up – the pattern of the tie, shirt and pocket square should never be the same. Use the pocket square’s pattern to introduce a bold contrasting colour. This will make your navy/grey suit pop.

From the Enchanted Forest collection is Furious Goose’s Stag pocket squares casting a sartorial spell on your jacket. The Sunset Stag is a magical colourway of navy and royal blues with burnt orange. Fabric is silk twill with a slight ribbed texture to the touch with a hand rolled hem.

Price £90.

Stags – Sunset, Pocket Squares, Silk Hankerchief, Dapper Gifts, UK – Furious Goose

Say it with Flowers

Predominantly black and white, the Soot & Ty Lilies shirt gives just a pop of pink and green with its sketches of larger than life lilies. Soot and Ty brand logo embroidered, embossed branded buttons, double button cuff, buttoned down slim collar, pleated back, scoop hem. 100% Cotton.

Price £49.

Lillies Floral Print Slim Fit Unisex Shirt Black – Soot and Ty

Lillies Floral Print Slim Fit Unisex Shirt White – Soot and Ty

The slim collar needs a slim tie such as Furious Goose dusky pink knitted silk tie which is 7cm wide. Although a solid block colour, the tie has texture which creates a complementary contrast  to the smooth cotton fabric of the shirt. 100% silk and hand finished in Ireland.

Price £99.

Pink Knitted Silk Tie, Necktie, Menswear, Neckwear, Ties | London – Furious Goose

Gresham Blake’s green union flag pocket square fits the sartorial rules – the pattern is different and green, the least dominant colour in the shirt, is chosen. 100% silk.

Price £45.

Shop Green Union Flag Pocket Square | Gresham Blake – Gresham Blake Online

Moody Blues

Blake Mill’s Manchester Dusk Shirt shows a patterned shirt doesn’t mean it has to be loud in colour or print in order to make a statement.

The Manchester Dusk shirt is one of the designs from their ‘Manchester’ collection, and is a take on early evening in this city. It has a contemporary collar style with a semi-fitted body in 100% cotton sateen.

Price £125.

Manchester Dusk Shirt | Blake Mill

Geoff Stocker’s blue Vector tie’s criss-crossing wire pattern interlocks to create a gauze of diagonal stripes. 100% lightweight silk twill.

Price £75.

VECTOR – Geoff Stocker silk accessories for men and women

Balance the overcast Manchester weather with a burst of sunshine in the guise of Geoff Stocker’s Carpathian pocket square. A digitally printed scene of the sun setting on a distant and dark mountain range. 100% pure satin silk with a hand rolled hem.

Price £45.

CARPATHIAN pocket square – Geoff Stocker silk accessories

Crushing It

Gresham Blake’s Purple Grapes Shirt is a quirky nod to indulgence and wellness alike, drawing inspiration from the antioxidant-rich purple grape known for its heart-healthy benefits in red wine.

Slim fit and styled with a classic collar, sleek placket front, and a unique single button on the collar.

Price £135.

Purple Grapes Shirt – Gresham Blake Online

Normally a plain tie would be the only option for such a dense and busy shirt print, however, Gresham Blake’s Fuchsia Creepy Crawly Silk Tie is mainly a block colour with a few  spiders and centipedes embroidered on it – and you can’t keep these away from the grape vines!

Price £85.

Fuchsia Creepy Crawly Tie – Gresham Blake Online

From their Paisley Gods collection, Furious Goose pocket squares have a paisley print with a culture clashing twist by incorporating sculpture images of Greek and Roman gods into the centre of the teardrop motifs. Venus Pergamon pocket square shows images of the Crouching Venus and has a vibrant colour palette of purples with pops of turquoise blue. 100% silk twill.

Price £90.

Paisley Pocket Square Venus | Purple | London UK | Furious Goose

A Shirt of Many Colours

Simon Carter Artichoke shirt of many colours will bring joy and fun to your serious suit. The pattern of globe artichokes with sweet peas and nectarines was designed by Sally Kelly exclusively for Simon Carter. 

100% cotton, gently tailored with flat front and cutaway cuffs.

Price £175.

Artichoke Shirt (simoncarter.net)

Pick out your favourite colour from the shirt and choose that for your tie. We’ve decided to go fruity with Simon Carter’s orange Arancia knitted silk tie.

Price £75.

Simon Carter Italian made Arancia Knitted Silk Tie

Who can resist an equestrian printed pocket square? Simon Carter’s Horse silk pocket square is chomping at the bit to be worn to the races.

Price £65.

Horse Silk Pocket Square (simoncarter.net)

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