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Fashion Inspiration for Your Horse Race Day Ensemble

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In the UK, horse racing events are not simply sporting events, but are also social occasions where fashion plays an essential role. These events are a sartorial spectacle, where fashion becomes the medium for expressing tradition, innovation, and a flair for the dramatic. Fashion trends weave their way into the themes of popular casino sites, and they also dictate the tapestry of race day ensembles. Finding fashion inspiration can be difficult, but we have provided helpful tips for you to create a standout ensemble for the next horse racing day.

Understanding the Dress Code

Prestigious UK horse racing events, such as the Royal Ascot and Grand National, have their own strict dress codes which attendants must follow. These events have long and esteemed histories, for instance, the dress code was implemented at Ascot all the way back in 1807. Over time, fashion requirements have evolved according to the changes in styles and society but have always remained sophisticated and elegant. Whereas once only dresses would have been accepted for women, nowadays racing fashion allows trousers and jumpsuits if that is your preference. It is essential to respect the tradition by adhering to the dress code at these esteemed events, however, it is possible to still infuse your personal style. This might include your choice of accessories or colour selection.

For the Ladies: Elegance Meets Statement

Fashion at horse racing events is a fantastic way of appreciating tradition while showcasing your personal style and making a statement. If you are looking for outfit inspiration, first consider what season the event is in. For spring or summer events, it is fitting to opt for either vibrant tones, pastel colours, or floral prints. While warm tones and neutral colours are better for autumn and winter. Queen Victoria commenced the trend of hats being worn, after wearing a porter bonnet to Ascot in the 1830s. This tradition has survived to the present day, and there are many hats that are a popular choice for horse racing events. You might choose a fascinator for an elegant look, a statement piece such as a wide-brimmed hat, or perhaps a classic beret. Lastly, the key to creating a cohesive outfit is through the accessories. Jewellery should be classy and timeless, rather than statement pieces. You should opt for a small handbag, preferably a clutch, that goes well with your outfit. The same goes for shoes, but they should also be comfortable considering the grounds of horse racing events. You may also decide to wear gloves, which is quite a common fashion choice among spectators.

For the Gentlemen: Dapper and Distinguished

For certain events, men are required to wear morning dress which is the traditional attire of the races, consisting of a black or grey tailcoat, waistcoat, and formal trousers in addition to a top hat. It is a timeless look that has become synonymous with the aesthetic of racing events. At other races, the dress code is more relaxed, and it is normal to see different colours or patterns. This again can be dependent on the season, but checked patterns and pastel colours are particularly popular at the moment. If you opt for a neutral colour, you can make a statement by choosing a vibrant tie or pocket square. While it is the opposite when working with a more ornate suit. However, a rule of thumb is for your shirt to always be a neutral colour. Smart shoes should be worn, such as oxford or derby shoes, and their colour depends on the suit’s colour.

Couple’s Ensemble: Harmonising Your Looks

If you are attending the races with your partner, it is recommended that you try and complement each other for a harmonious presentation. You might choose to coordinate when it comes to colour so that you do not clash. Both outfits should be on the same level of formality and style. It might be an idea to match certain accessory elements such as ties or pocket squares with handbags or hats. You can still have your individual style in this way but look cohesive together as a pair. One method of gaining inspiration is to have a look at the previous outfits of celebrity couples or notable attendees at race day events from previous years.


Racing events have remained a sophisticated exhibition for individuals to showcase their personal style, for over two centuries. Nowadays, racing day attire may have contemporary twists however the timeless elegance of the tradition persists in the fashion.

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