Ultimate Tips for All-star Mile Race

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The exciting All-Star Mile is around the corner, and now’s the time to watch who you should place your bets on. To do this, consider the previous victors of the race and any younger up-and-coming horses you need to keep your eye on. Here’s some info to give you the upper hand in making your bets.

What is the All-Star Mile Race

The All-Star Mile is a Thoroughbred horse race in Australia, first run in 2019. It’s one of the world’s most popular and richest horse racing events, with a massive prize pool and much support. This race is unique because the public gets to vote on which horses they want to see race, adding a sense of engagement that your standard horse races don’t.

The race is run over one mile (1600m) and is only available to horses over three years old. The race is generally hosted in different areas throughout Australia. Those who take part are encouraged to bet on the horses based on data from previous years and their current status.

The Last Few Years Results

In recent years, the competition has been pretty close. Having only started in 2019, the All-Star Mile has only had five winners thus far. Here are the results from the last five races:

  • March 16 2019, Mystic Journey won
  • March 14 2020, Regal Power won
  • March 13 2021, Mugatoo won
  • 19 March 2022, Zaaki won
  • March 18 2023, Mr Brightside won


All-Star Mile 2024 Top Tips

Wondering who you should bet on for the All-Star Mile 2024? Choosing who to bet on depends on factors like past victories, current health and the fan favourite. Here are a few of the top picks so far for 2024:

  1. Mr Brightside – current odds $4.50
  2. Atishu – current odds $11.00
  3. Zaaki – current odds $11.00
  4. Alligator Blood – current odds $6.00

While these are currently your best betting options, these details will likely change closer to the race day, so be sure to recheck them before and get all the best All Star Mile races tips.


Horse in the All-Star Mile 2024

The four horses above aren’t only racing in the All-Star Mile 2024. Here’s a list of all the horses performing in the All-Star Mile this year. Be sure to check this list often; you might be surprised by one or two up-and-comers. Here’s the list:

  • Mr Brightside – $3.50 $1.63
  • Pride Of Jenni – $8.00 $2.75
  • Fangirl – $10 $3.25
  • Magic Time – $10 $3.25
  • Atishu – $13 $4.00
  • Steparty – $15 $4.50
  • Crocetti – $15 $4.50
  • Orchestral – $15 $4.50
  • Kovalica – $15 $4.50
  • Tom Kitten – $15 $4.50
  • Zaaki – $15 $4.50
  • Attrition – $15 $4.50
  • Militarize – $15 $4.50
  • Amelias Jewel – $21 $6.00
  • Sunshine In Paris – $21 $6.00
  • Antino – $21 $6.00
  • Osipenko – $21 $6.00
  • Duais – $21 $6.00
  • Legarto – $21 $6.00
  • Veight – $21 $6.00
  • Think About It – $21 $6.00
  • Desert Lightning – $21 $6.00
  • Molly Bloom – $26 $7.25
  • Light Infantry Man – $26 $7.25
  • Hawaii Five Oh – $26 $7.25
  • Golden Mile – $26 $7.25
  • Detonator Jack – $26 $7.25
  • Nugget – $26 $7.25
  • Alsephina – $31 $8.50
  • Ruthless Dame – $31 $8.50


How do you bet on the All-Star Mile?

Betting for the All-Star Mile gets intense, especially when the horse racing is confirmed. You’ll know which horses are racing on the Tuesday of the race week. Here are some steps to make the betting process easier for you:


Choose a bookmaker – betting platforms, especially online bookmakers, make placing your bets easy. When choosing an online bookmaker, shop around and check their deals because each bookmaker offers special deals to take advantage of.


Make a deposit – before betting, put money in your account. Don’t worry; it’s completely secure when betting through an official site. Simply add your bank details and the amount you want to deposit, and the rest will follow. 


Time to bet – now, be patient and check out the market. Go to the All-Star Mile page or check the market on your bookmaker site or app to see how many bets are placed. Use data and history to choose who you’re betting for and place your bet.


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