Couture Comment: Dressing Up Is Worth the Effort!

Ladies, I have noticed that the gentlemen out there, are out ranking us in the dress department. 

It’s time for us to take back our wardrobes, abandoning tracksuit bottoms/leggings, except for whilst exercising, and get back into ‘dressing’.

The dress uniform of previous generations would have been tights or stockings plus the accessories that came with the stockings!  Anyway… there would be lingerie, silk camisoles, matching underwear sets, not mismatched, miscoloured under garments.  We have to move away from the phrase ‘that will do’.

A recent discussion with a Stylist and Personal Shopper has me deviating from my usual conversation, as we delve into the psyche of ‘image’ and the ‘why’ behind dressing; the word attitude comes to mind.

Our attitude to what we wear, the why, and how it makes us feel, are all relevant, to the image we portray. Sometimes however we can get a bit stuck, and the fun of dressing becomes frustration, so how do we navigate through our wardrobes?

Starting with ‘what lies beneath’ first (I know I sound like a broken record for those of you who have read previous articles, to newbies, ‘welcome’!).  If you have not been measured or fitted for a bra in years, then make it a goal to change that pronto, a good fitting bra is not only for the support of your breasts, but your neck, back and shoulders will also thank you.

Dressing – the silhouette of the garment is a personal choice, but does the garment complement your body, face shape, flatter and gently conceal those areas you don’t want on show, is the colour and design appealing to your senses, are you comfortable? More importantly, how does it make you feel? If there was a secret to ‘how to look good in what you wear’, the answer would invariably be ‘if it makes you feel wonderful’ you are onto a winner.

We used to ‘dress up’ and it wasn’t just for special occasions or Ladies’ Day at the Races, we made an effort. However, sportswear casual dressing has suddenly crept in as the ‘go to’ uniform of choice, a deluge of tracksuit bottoms have replaced trousers, which is a shame, as tailored trousers always look sharp.

Some people will say it takes time to put together an outfit, but as with all things if you plan beforehand, play around with looks, you will find dressing to be much easier. Surprise yourself, take baby steps, add a pop of colour, accessorise, not all footwear needs to be conservative black. Is it really an effort presenting the best version of yourself?

As we get ready for the party season, use this as an opportunity to transform your wardrobe and persona.

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