Go Straight to Sleek Hair

The journey to straight hair may have a few kinks along the way; check out the products below to help make it a smoother slicker ride.

After 100 years, Sleeping Beauty miraculously woke up with frizz free lustrous locks. How? We can safely bet she slept on a satin weave pillowcase.

Satin weave’s glossy, even surface is much kinder to the hair, whilst cotton’s coarser weave can cause breakage, tangling and matting. So take a leaf out of this fairytale book and swap your rough textured cotton pillowcase for silky smooth satin.

Morning Glamour satin pillowcases, £12.99 single and £24.99 for a set of two from Makeupboxldn.com

Choose from classic ivory, pretty pink or Hollywood glamour gold, silver and black. Prints include wild leopard and feminine floral.


Brazilian Blow Dry, Keratin treatment and Japanese Straightening treatments are effective but expensive, so if you want to make sure your money is well spent and not rinsed down the plughole along with the shampoo suds, use sulphate-free products.  

WNt shampoo & conditioner products (£10.95 each from WNthair.com) are especially formulated with these treatments in mind.

The key to the formulation is the ratio of natural ingredients compared to the chemical inputs. The combination of Macadamia Ternifolia, Argan Spinosa, Castor Oil and Fatty Acids has been finely tuned to work with the chemicals to reduce abrasion and the stripping of the keratin used in treatments. This cocktail reinforces a veneer of protection against the elements if used consistently, and therefore prolongs efficacy.

Humidity is the main cause of frizz and depending on how dry and damaged your hair is, the more moisture the hair will suck from the air and the frizzier it becomes.

Colour treated hair is especially prone to frizzing due to the chemicals leaving the hair porous and vulnerable to humidity.

Your frizz free dream may come true with ColorWow Dream Coat Anti- Humidity Hair Treatment. Spray the Dream Coat on to towel dried hair, blow dry and use a brush to hold each section taut (they do not recommend applying other products before applying the Dream Coat). The heat activates the polymer ingredient to compress, tighten and seal the hair strands resulting in an invisible non-greasy waterproofing cloak that lasts through 3–4 shampoos.

Price £24 from Colorwowhair.com

Straight from the US this year is the RevAir hair dryer – a 2 in 1 device that straightens and dries all types of hair at the same time with a touch of its magic wand.

How does the magic work?

Short for Reverse Air, RevAir uses suction rather than blown heat to dry the hair straight. This allows less heat to be used and replaces the need for a brush to pull hair straight, which can cause damage. The heated air is contained so it can only travel from root to end following the natural direction of the cuticles resulting in smoother hair.

What is the wand and how to use it?

RevAir comprises a base unit with removable filter and long hose with the heat-producing wand on the end. Take a small section of hair and insert into the wand, which will gently suck in the section whilst you move the wand right up to the scalp. Keep the wand near your scalp and slowly move to reach all roots in that section for 30-90 seconds depending on hair type. Straight hair is about 30 seconds, wavy 45 seconds, curly 60 seconds, whilst coily will take an average of 90 seconds. Pull the wand a few inches from the scalp to feel if hair is dry. If dry, remove the wand and repeat on a new section.

Use on towel dried washed hair. You can use leave in conditioner or heat protecting spray but not sticky products such as mousse, gels or setting sprays.

All magic comes with a price and that price is £359 from Myrevair.co.uk.

RevAir also needs space to work its magic due to the bulky base, so place either in an accessible permanent spot or on a handy trolley to move around.


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