Couture Comment: What to Wear Working from Home

It’s a bit of a conundrum for those of us still working from home, how best to show up; after all who is going to know that you are still in your pyjama’s, plus it’s so much easier than having to get dressed!

Does it matter? Yes it does, and who will know? You will for starters; attitude, clothes and mindset all go together, they’re a team, and believe it or not, they help you to get work done.

But what do you wear when working from home?

Semi-fitting garments work well if sitting at your computer; this is an ideal time to get your florals and prints out of the wardrobe – they will also help to lift your mood whilst energising you. For those of you showing up for work using social media and video conferencing, brightly coloured t-shirts, blouses, and shirts can look smart and sharp. The webinars I have been attending recently, I now see some men are wearing cravats instead of ties as they would for the office, as well as bright or muted retro striped tops, think ’60s vintage, all of which looks rather dapper!

The sale of leisurewear has increased exponentially online, however try not to be lulled into a false sense of security, with the kitchen being accessible at all hours, another cup of coffee, a few extra biscuits as a treat … The pounds stealthily creep up on you; an elasticated waistband does its job and stretches to accommodate.  From personal experience when I first started working from home, before having a studio (which was prior to the present predicament), I often found myself wearing varying forms of track suit bottoms, with my fancy tops. Shock horror as I ventured out to meet clients, the tailored trousers that once glided over my body were now an aerobic exercise, one in which I would stretch, pull, breathe in, and not button the top button! You have been warned.

Our approach to work is now very different. Referring back to attitude, our clothing does play a part with our mindset. Looking stylish whilst working from home, assists with the frame of mind for productivity, which in turn translates to a job well done!

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