Couture Comment: The Glamour of a Scarf

A warm welcome to you all, a New Year with new possibilities, where resolutions are made: from a change in wardrobe to a change in vocation, and so the list goes on, what will yours be? 

Last year I learned new fashion phrases, one being ‘dressing above the keyboard’, as we worked remotely from home waving to each other on video. Yes things are very different…

It’s mighty chilly outside where I am based in London, not that we are allowed outside at present if you are reading this in the UK! At home glamour has taken the form of kimono tops, ponchos, chunky jumpers, cardigans, long sleeved dresses and canvas trousers. The no stretch canvas trousers are my barometer for day dressing, and staying out of the kitchen. Last year having been on the receiving end of an obstinate waistband button that refused to meet its button hole from the previous lockdown, I learned my lesson well!

When venturing out for essentials, mask in place, my other essential is a scarf chunky in mixed fibres or faux fur as pictured. Scarves in their simplicity provide a variety of functions, not to mention endless possibilities for styling. A lightweight rectangular silk scarf with an evening outfit is more than a shoulder covering, its simplicity as an accessory a finishing touch. However, a weightier scarf provides an added layer of protection, not only does it keep the breeze and cold out, they add warmth to your throat and neck, and if you have a chill or ‘flu’, crazy as it may sound, wearing a scarf I have found helps with a sore throat, (that’s my opinion) – practical as well as functional.

There are also textured scarves which add another dimension, so many varieties, in length and structure. I’ve been working in faux fur recently, making scarves in varying lengths, heights and fur pile.  Apart from being covered in faux fur when making, (it gets everywhere once it’s been cut), I notice there’s a different kind of glamour attributed to the way in which your outer garments are perceived. A commissioned tweed waistcoat was also transformed with a faux fur scarf, such is its appeal.

We will at some stage be going out again, however for the in the meantime shorter jaunts,  make sure to wrap up well.  On that note it remains for me to wish you all the happiest of New Years, stay safe, and keep smiling.



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