Cheltenham Festival Fashion – Tweeds for Ladies’ Day at The Festival – yes or no?!

GEORGIE: It definitely isn’t compulsory to wear Tweed at The Festival, there are some great stylish alternatives to choose from to look different, as Ladies’ Day gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up for a day at the races.

I think it is important to be comfortable and dress for the weather, you could wear top-to-toe fur if the weather forecast is cold. I have a leather coat that I love, that keeps me very warm.

Photo by John Minoprio

Locally I love to shop at Karen Millen and Reiss who have a great range of outfits that you can’t go wrong with for Ladies Day. Cheltenham town centre also is a great place to go shopping, Cavendish House has a great selection of outfits, hats and accessories to choose from. I like to be comfortable, stylish and look different from the masses. Really Wild Clothing Company has some gorgeous outfits with a twist that are trendy and fun, especially for the younger racegoer.

MEALLY: I think Tweed can look great as long as it’s not OTT… I see some people at the races who have a tweed hat, tweed coat, tweed skirt, tweed socks, tweed scarf, sometimes it’s a ‘sea of tweed’ across the racecourse. I personally think it’s too much. I have a smart tweed fitted jacket from Norton Townsend who make all of Choc’s suits. I also recently bought a funky short tweed and pink skirt from Holland Cooper. I love it but find it hard to find smart things to go with it.

LIZ: Whilst I think a tweed jacket can look really good on a man, personally, I’m not a great fan of tweed on women, especially if you don’t wear it usually and only wear it to try and do the ‘racing thing’. To me, what to wear racing has to be very dependent on what the weather is doing, so whilst you can plan an outfit in advance, it’s best to retain some flexibility.

Usually in March, you can predict that it will still be quite cold (or raining!) so to be warm is key. I really like nice trousers or a skirt, with nice boots (heeled but not too high or stilettos), with a polo neck top, and then a really good jacket and hat. A long coat in a nice colour really makes an outfit and matched with a good hat will make you look striking – plus you won’t get cold!



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