Your Pisces Horoscope

Your Pisces Horoscope


November 2019

If anyone is skilled at dreaming up dreams, then it’s you, Pisces.

And you are being asked to use these skills this month, but in a slightly different capacity. When looking at the future, it’s all about being practical. If you take the needed steps at the beginning of the month then you can make great strides forward. Expect suddenly knowing what you want in all areas of life when nearing the end of November. Goals and directions (especially in the work area) should be a lot clearer. 

You may find yourself dusting off old books relating to education and knowledge and the need to revive studying those topics. It’s a good time to reconsider education, taking a course or re-educating yourself. Lovers from foreign countries and holiday flings may make a brief re-appearance.  

Luck for Pisces can come by making abrupt decisions. The minute you feel yourself procrastinating or overthinking, then know it’s not going to be the lucky break you seek.

Lucky Days: Listen to your gut feelings on the 6th and 7th of the Month. 

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