Visiting Cultural Cities in the UK for the Food – Here’s What You Need to Know

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Many people who love racing often visit the United Kingdom due to the country’s plethora of racing festivals.

People take this opportunity to explore more than just the festivals. 

In fact, racing fans often visit the UK’s cultural cities not just for the landmarks and rich history but also for the food. As you may already know, cities are hubs for different cultures and costumes. 

People from all over the world join together to form a unique community with unique cuisine. What comes out are some of the best dishes you’ll ever have in your life. That being said, here are a few things you should know when visiting cultural centres in the UK for the food. 

Traditional isn’t dull

Many of you have probably heard of fish and chips, the traditional British meal that everyone in the UK likes and loves. Many people have also heard that traditional British meals are dull and tasteless. That’s quite wrong because you haven’t tried the right dish yet. 

Traditional means doesn’t mean it’s dull, you just have to find the right place where they make masterpieces of traditional meals. If you want to try the best fish and chips the UK has to offer head for London and you won’t be disappointed.

Sounds awful but it isn’t 

If your racing schedule ever takes you to Scotland, you’ll eventually come across the name haggis, which is a dish that locals adore. When you realise that haggis is basically a pudding which is made of sheep’s heart, liver, lungs, onions, oatmeal, spices and some stock you might find it awful. 

Don’t let your first impressions take the better of you and give it a try. You’ll also realise that haggis served with “neeps” and “tatties” is an amazing dish with rich flavour. Edinburgh is home to some of the best haggis in the world. 


The food in the UK is a product of mixed cultures that have been present since colonisation years. Nowadays, a lot of traditional British meals have been improved by having ingredients from different cultural cuisines. 

Popular dishes, such as the full English breakfast or Welsh Cawl are not entirely English anymore. Many different cultures that settle in England tend to add their own thing to the existing meal giving it a new twist and new level of flavour. So expect the unexpected, especially in cities where multiple cultures mix together. 


Going on a race tour or festival in the UK will be an amazing experience. If you take the time to try out local cuisine you’ll discover that British meals have a lot more to offer than what people say. 

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