New Year, New Skincare Products with a Conscience

Make one of your New Year’s Resolutions to use ethical skincare brands. Here are a few new products to try.

Bubu – short for ‘Be U, Be Unique’

This new skincare range juxtaposes sparkling playfulness with responsible environmentally awareness.

Specialising in face sheet masks, the range is suitable for vegans containing only environmentally friendly sparkle, clinically tested actives and is cruelty free, paraben free and non-toxic.

The launch range features five sheet masks with cheeky names: #soakmewet to hydrate dry skin; #stripitoff a gentle exfoliation, #feelingdirty for anti pollution, #t-spot for anti blemish and #youpucker for lip plumping.

Their names may be naughty and fun, but the ingredients are serious on skincare with a patented thermo sensitive Glitterati hydrogel base.

Clean up your act this year with #feelingdirty – the pollution busting sheet mask.

This is not just a pretty face (mask) as its solid sparkling hydrogel base melts when in contact with skin/body temperature and releases the key actives, which are:

  • Advanced Biotech complex to help prevent skin from being degraded by pollution by forming an undetectable film over the epidermis shielding the skin.
  • Sage Leaf extract to combat free radicals whilst also soothing the skin.
  • Plus a cocktail of natural actives of red clover, brown algae, red algae, alfalfa herb and Wakame.

Too Cool For School has brought out a new vegan range called Caviar Lime.

The fruit Caviar Lime (or Finger Lime) is grown in the subtropical rainforest of Queensland and NSW Australia. Named ‘caviar’ because once opened the fruit reveals tiny citrus bubbles resembling traditional caviar. 

Main ingredient is of course Caviar Lime extract (up to  83%)  to help improve dull skin and give a natural glow after one use. Caviar Lime contains nine types of Vitamin C which promotes collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity.

All packaging including carton, container, coating, ink and printing are vegan.

Range includes:

  • Hydra Vita Drop Essence Gel £29.99 – vitamin moisture balls pop on the skin when applied to supply intense moisture. It forms a protective moisture barrier without any stickiness. Contains 83% Caviar Lime
  • Hydra Bubble Toner Mist £22.99 – contains 55% Caviar Lime
  • Hydra Moist Cream £28.00 – 80% Caviar Lime and six types of hyaluronic acid to moisturise the skin from its deeper layers and lock in the moisture,
  • Hydra Essential Mask £5.50 – 20% Caviar Lime
  • Hydra Eye Treatment Cream £24.99 – for dryness, wrinkles and puffy eyes. Contains 65% Caviar Lime with six kinds of hyaluronic acid to help diminish crow’s feet.

Available from Boots

Nairian’s new Rosehip Day Serum,

Armenian skincare brand Nairian use handcrafted recipes from all natural and plant based ingredients. Formulas are cruelty free and non-toxic. They source locally with 70% of all ingredients coming from their own eco-farm.

New in their range is the Rosehip Day Serum

Main ingredients are:

  • Apricot Kernel oil – the apricot stones are sourced from a local producer of dried apricots
  • Rosehip seed oil sourced from the wild rose bushes that grow near the Nairian farm
  • Jojoba oil sourced from southwestern US and northern Mexico.

All three work together to cover up signs of ageing while leaving skin with glow.

Another ingredient, Damask rose essential oil creates a soothing scent and also helps protect the skin from free radical damage.

Nairian hydro distil their own rose essential oil using Damask roses grown on an organic farm in Kotayk region.

Price £69  Nairian Rosehip Day Serum

Vida For You

This may not be a new brand but definitely deserves a mention as it specialises in luxury vegan skincare products which are ethically sourced, cruelty free and are free of sulphates, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, alcohol and gluten.

They offer eight products: ReDeep for young dehydrated skin, Replenish to help restore youth and vitality, ReEnhance for the eyes and lip areas, ReGlow to lighten complexion naturally, ReLuminate for hyper pigmented and dull skin, RePure for oily and acne prone skin, ReSoothe for hypersensitive, dry and inflamed skin and Revive anti-wrinkle cream for all skin types.

Vida for You online shop

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