How to bet a Treble

Like the Double, a Treble involves placing a bet on three different horses. If the first one wins, the results will be re-invested on your second choice – and if that wins, the results are re-invested again on your third choice…If that third horse also wins then you will have a nice little bundle to go and buy some champagne with!

Step 1: Choose a horse to win from one race. 

Step 2: Choose a horse to win from a different race. 

Step 3: Choose a horse to win from another different race. 

Step 4: Pay your stake to the bookie. 

Step 5: Both horses need to win their races for you to win the bet. 

Step 6: If successful, claim your winnings. This will add up to more than if you had bet on the three races separately because the winnings from the first race will have been added to the stake on the second race and then multiplied by the odds for that race; this will then have been repeated for the third race to result in your total winnings. 

So, if we do the maths: 

To place separate ‘win’ bets on three different horses you would stake e.g. £1 per bet: 

£1 on Treble Fun to run in the 2.15pm at Haydock at odds of 3-1 = £3 win plus £1 stake back = £4 

£1 on Treble Takeover to run in the 3.20pm at Doncaster at odds of 5-1 = £5 win plus £1 stake back = £6 

£1 on Trebletastic to run in the 3.45pm at Newcastle at odds of 2-1 = £2 win plus £1 stake back = £3 

Spend £3, total winnings (including stake) = £13 


To place a Treble ‘win’ bet on three different horses, spending the same money up front as above, you would stake £3: 

£3 on Treble Fun at odds of 3-1 = £9 win plus £3 stake back = £12 

£12 then reinvested on Treble Takeover at odds of 5-1 = £60 win plus £12 stake back = £72 

£72 then reinvested on Trebletastic at odds of 2-1 = £144 win plus £72 stake back = £216 

Spend £3, total winnings (including stake) = £216


Spend £1, total winnings (including stake) = £72 



If you don’t fancy working out all the maths for your bet, use this quick method: 

£1 on horse A, B and C 

Odds (using odds as in example above): 

A = 3-1

B = 5-1

C = 2-1 

To calculate add up the win price plus the stake for each: 

3+1 = 4

5+1 = 6

2+1 = 3

Then multiply together: 

4 x 6 x 3 = £72 

For a £3 bet multiply the final total of a £1 stake (£72) by 3 = £216. 

Landing a Treble is harder than betting in singles as all three horses have to win for you to claim your money. However, if all three horses do win, your return is much higher than if you had placed the bets as singles. 

Once you have grasped the Double and Treble methodology, you can then combine those bets into a bigger type of bet – different combinations produce different results. 

TIP: Don’t confuse a Treble with a Triple bet – they are quite different!



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