Horse Racing Remains One of the Top Sports To Bet On

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Horse racing and the fascination that comes with betting on them, has been around for thousands of years.

While not specific to examples like the Grand National for example, the Roman Empire had chariots race around a track for sport and gambling, so you can see how it evolved to the sport we know and love today. Horse racing today is one of the most popular spectator sports within all of the UK, and for that very reason has managed to expand on some very lucrative betting markets.

There are so many different betting bonuses out there that can be used on horse racing, for example these royal ascot offers that come in handy when betting on the festival. Of course, there are many other variants that come with betting on horses solely from an online bookmaker’s perspective. Nevertheless, the horse racing market has spawned across the nation, and internationally, and it fully stands as a very successful sport to place bets on!

Horse racing: Information, facts and figures

With horse racing comes plenty of facts and information that you need to know. Being well associated with knowledge will bring you power in the field. You need to know past performances and track history of horses that have attended the big races like the Grand National, The Royal Ascot and so on. Knowing the specifics is what makes a gambler good at what they are doing in the end.

You are also able to leverage so much information that you learn, such as the many horses and races that there are, the best jockeys in the business, in addition to horse breeds, the odds at different bookmakers and beyond. Data is what you should base your decisions around, because it will boost your chances of winning overall. Horse race betting is a numbers game at the end and it is totally worth looking into the figures and learning to walk, before you can run.

Quick results

Horse races give the speediest results amongst all the sports within gambling. Usually, horses on average will take around 15 seconds to win the race, meaning it starts and as soon as it does, it is pretty much over once again. This means that as a bettor, you will not need to wait for hours and hours for your results to come through on whether you won or lost. It is pretty much an instant thing, which you can also interact with from your mobile phone funnily enough, which is definitely not too bad at all.

Once the race is about to start, you will be able to cash in whichever bet seems more promising to yourself and then make the decision accordingly. If you happen to be a fan of making those fast-in-the-moment decisions, horse betting will most certainly be a gambling niche that could be right up your street. With mobile in-play opportunities, horse racing and other markets can be streamed from your mobile phone, and you do not need to crowd around a TV, or pay obscene amounts of money to attend the live races for yourself. Quick results mean the convenience of betting from your mobile as it happens, will most certainly be a plan, and an enjoyable one at that! 

Betting brings people together

Horse racing can be a huge event at the race course itself. The Royal Ascot has a section where the royal party and family will liaise, alongside other venues for different parties too. It can be a hugely glamorous affair where those who attend can pretty much dress up and make a huge day out of it. Sports lovers will usually bet on a race or two, and then take a break over a drink, so they can reconnect with friends and make a day out of the entire event too. The Cheltenham Festival is a huge example where parties often meet up, socialise and gamble all in one day. How exciting!

The Adrenaline Rush 

Horse racing can be hugely entertaining, and of course will certainly get your heart pulsing in the heat of the moment, when the horse you bet on is about to take the track. The adrenaline rush is a huge reason as to why bettors will come back time and time again, as nothing can ever match that type of entertainment. But make no mistake, the entire process is massively intense too, meaning you will most definitely cling to the rails as you watch it all unfold and commence.

The results are quick fire, and can unfold within seconds meaning the payout will also come just as fast. So, the key thing here is to remain calm, watch engrossed with excitement, and cross your fingers hoping you are the lucky one that is going to land the huge payout.

 Huge Winnings 

It would of course help that horse races bring the chance of being able to cash in huge winnings, meaning that definitely is another reason as to why it remains one of the largest sports wagered on around the world! With the exotic bets such as the Quinella, Superfecta and so on, the odds can be tight but the payout can be huge and certainly worth the anxious wait for results.

One of the biggest wins in history to date was a $1.3 million payout for JP McManus, and $830,000 for Darren Yeats. Definitely not bad at all, all from the use of exotic betting principles.

Betting Opportunities 

Sports betting on the horse racing market provides bettors with multiple offers, odds and bets that are not found everywhere else. That is why bettors often need to shop for their odds before they commit to just one source. Different betting combinations increase a bettor’s chance of a positive outcome for a punter’s bet, so it is important they take the time to shop, but is also another reason as to why horse racing is so popular!

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