Horse Racing And Betting Terminologies You Should Know

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Different types of sports have been established all over the world for the sole intention of entertainment.

In other words, every sport created provides a different area of leisure to all people who want to escape the daily stress they feel may be because of work, family problems, or even anxiety attacks. In fact, the massive availability of sports has greatly impacted a lot of people especially when it comes to betting games.

In the sea of sports types, you’ll see a lot of people diving around ball games such as basketball, volleyball, football, and soccer. Some are even considering themselves as die-hard fans of the most popular teams playing on their respective tournaments. They even spend money only to show their support to their favorite players.

Aside from the popularity of ball gamers and other types of sports you found in any given field, one of the most creative and grandest sports annually celebrated by most people is horse racing. Horse racing started to become popular since then and it continues its popularity up until this day. To be honest, when a horse racing tournament is held, it is often attended by lots of horse racing fans all over the world.

One of the most famous horse racing events that has gained so much popularity ever since it existed in the U.S. Triple Crown Series. This horse racing showdown is composed of three major legs namely the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. The Triple Crown Series is the most prestigious horse racing show held in three different locations in America where three-year-old thoroughbred racers are vying a huge prize-at-stake in the Grade 1 Stakes category.

Unlike ball gamers and other sports where it only involves two or three betting categories, the horse racing betting game comes in various types and difficulty levels. This is the main reason why a lot of sports fans are considering horse racing tournament as “Sports King”. The massive availability of betting games it can offer gives a lot of chances to all bettors in expanding their chances of winning.

In line with that, the Triple Crown season has ended this year and unfortunately, there is no Triple Crown winner. Take note that for a horse racer to win the Triple Crown he must be the first finisher of the three major legs which are mentioned above. The first reason why there is no Triple Crown winner is that the Kentucky Derby held the most controversial event and winners this year where a unanimous disqualification of the real winner was ordered.

Moreover, the Kentucky Derby winner wasn’t able to join the Preakness Stakes and there was a different winner. The same thing with Belmont, a different winner was declared so that’s the reason why there is no Triple Crown winner this season.

Although it’s been a rough ride for the Triple Crown season this year, a lot of horse racing fans are looking forward to a different show next year. Actually, the betting game makes a horse racing tournament more exciting. That said, every betting game you need to take part in any horse racing game may it be Triple Crown show or not should give you the reason to enjoy the show. Bet on the Belmont, Preakness, Kentucky or even a random horse racing showdown will surely give you enough reason to wage.

Horse Racing Betting Terminologies

As a better whether you are a professional or not, you should understand the different betting terms so you won’t get shocked if you come across them. This will also help you guide which betting category you would like yourself to be involved with. Here are they.

The basic bets for horse racing show are these:

WIN – It is where you pick a horse winner and if he finishes in the first place, then you win.

PLACE In this category, you need to pick two horse entries to bet. If they finish either first or second, then you win.

SHOW – It is where you pick three horse entries you’d like to bet and they come either first, second, or third, then you win.

Aside from the betting terms mentioned above, there are also other betting categories you can enjoy if you want to test your ability to guess who can finish excellently in the racetrack.

EXACTA – It is where you pick two horse entries and they should place as first and second, but this ti0me it should be in the right order.

TRIFECTA – A little more difficult compared to Exacta because you need to select three horses which can finish first, second, and third in the right order.

SUPERFECTA – This one’s harder because it involves four horses that you need to choose and win first, second, third, and fourth correctly.


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