Celebrities and Horseracing

Horseracing isn’t just something for the everyman. In fact, horseracing is one of the most star-studded sports in the world, attracting celebrity endorsers, celebrity attendees,

who swan up in glitzy outfits and hats to outshine all others, and celebrities who love the sport itself so much, that they are now using some of their hard-earned, Hollywood money to buy their very own race horses and gifting themselves a piece of the action.

Horseracing certainly isn’t standing in a muddy field with crossed fingers, watching the race from under a tin roof shelter. It’s glamorous, attracts the height of fashion, and course, has an array of celebrity fans.

Steven Spielberg

As well as making beautiful, cinematic masterpieces featuring horses, Steven Spielberg also co-owned his very own racehorse: Atswhatimtalkingabout, a horse that came in at fourth place during the 2003 Kentucky Derby. Horses are a passion of Steven’s, and he is also a proud investor of a race training centre in Delaware, USA.

MC Hammer

MC Hammer’s passions go far deeper than dancing, rapping and singing. The retro pop star is such a fan of all things horseracing that he put some of his fortune into creating and opening his very own horse stables: Oaktown Stables. MC Hammer also owns many racehorses, and at one point, was the owner to a total of nineteen.

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner loves horseracing so much, that he is the part-owner of many racehorses which regularly race in California, and has made a documentary which looks at the life and history of a jockey, Laffit Pincay. As well as this, he recently gave up his city pad and purchased a ten-acre ranch so he could raise his children and indulge his love of horses by buying many, and riding regularly on his own land.

Celebrities who love visiting racecourses

Every year, hundreds of celebrities and stars head to racecourses around the world to show off their best dresses and to watch the magnificent animals do what they do best. The Royal Family are always seen at most prestigious racing events, and celebrities such as Gary Linekar, Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, footballer Frank Lampard, Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Mirren and Brad Pitt have all visited and enjoyed the delights of Ascot horseracing, which runs year after year.

Sports and betting of all kinds is very star-studded these days, far more than it used to be, with celebrities endorsing casino websites and betting shops, such as Ray Winstone and even political figures such as Nigel Farage, and there are now many celebs who admit to loving (and regularly playing) online bingo, according to an article by TitanBet Bingo.

Celebrities such as Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams confessed their love for the game, and Denise Van Outen has also said that she loves scoping out all the bingo halls in her local area – a task she could probably make easier by using a tool like this – once in awhile for a discreet game! So it seems that horseracing isn’t the only sport to attract the stars…

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