Will Huawei be toppled by 5G network plan?

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What is the UK faced with?

The advent of 5G has caused a storm and Huawei has come under fire for trying to control the UK network. Security concerns have arisen over the Chinese telecoms equipment maker for snooping even though ministers haven’t voiced their concerns. While 5G should be celebrated for providing lightning quick signal speeds, the latest development coming out of Huawei may stop some of those in their tracks.

Full steam ahead for Apple?

With the advent of the Apple iPhone 12, you would be right in thinking 5G would be a real game changer. There have been some veiled concerns about the rolling out of 5G in the UK, but in Sweden they hit the ground running and they have had 5G in place for the past few months.

In other countries, such as Italy there have been trials in place. However, in the UK and USA, 5G is not widely available which is strange if you are an iPhone user and want lightning quick download speeds for data. There has in general been a lot of hype surrounding 5G.

With some countries, there are two types of 5G. The first of which is ultrafast and it travels at very short distances, but it has trouble penetrating obstacles and walls. Conversely, there’s 5G nationwide which is more widely available and it travels much further. Yet what many 5G connoisseurs will discover, is that you have to live within a hotspot to get access to the best network coverage.

What action will the UK take with Huawei?

While there are lots of benefits to using 5G, such as faster syncing with iCloud and Google Drive with its high upload and download speeds as well as with streaming for social networking sites such as Twitch and for films, it is unclear when 4G or 3G will be phased out in the UK. Perhaps 4G and 3G could co-exist at least for a bit until 5G continues to grow further and prove its capability as a network.

Yet in the midst of all of this, there is a clamouring for the UK to ban Huawei from its 5G network when its rolled out and that the UK should stay true to its roots as being the architects of the industrial revolution. When Donald Trump was President of the United States, his administration prohibited US conductors from being controlled by Huawei.

Among the arguments put forward to ensure that Huawei doesn’t use the UK’s 5G networks is the economic impact of it. While London is the hub, the emphasis is upon providing world-class connectivity for all areas of the UK so they can thrive, so that other parts of the country don’t fall behind the capital.

Could 5G create a north south divide?

Fears have mounted in recent weeks that 5G could create a growing chasm between the north and south. Of course, the key is making sure that 5G is launched effectively and swiftly, otherwise it could spell disaster for parts of the UK as Huwaei’s vice-president, Victor Zhang, has indicated.

“Many people are surprised by the impact of this delay,” Zhang told The Guardian.

“Third-party research by Assembly, an independent research firm, shows this delay will have an £18.2bn impact.

“The research shows it will widen the north-south divide. In the north, the broadband carriage and speeds are already far behind London and the south-east. The delay in developing 5G will worsen the situation.”

If Huawei is taken out of the picture for controlling the 5G network, it would definitely hit the company hard.

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