What is it like at a point-to-point?

Point-to-points are amateur (i.e. non-professional) races run by hunts all over the country. This is not to say the races are easy!

Each hunt has an annual point-to-point which usually comprises seven races each over a distance of about three miles, over a series of large brush fences. Point-to-points originated as a fun day out to thank local farmers for letting the hunt ride over their fields, and these days they are a fun day out for anyone who wants to come and join in.
Horses belong to members, subscribers and farmers of the hunt, or sometimes syndicates and racing clubs also run horses at point-to-points. Often owners of the horses train and ride them in the races themselves. You may be surprised to find that the jockeys represent professions such as solicitors, dentists, estate agents and interior designers in their normal working life while mucking out and riding the horses in their spare time.
For spectators, a point-to-point  is far less formal than a professional race meeting. Dress code is mainly led by the weather so wellies, jeans and waterproof coats are common, with tweeds for those interested in a smarter style.
You can bet on the races there, and you will find other facilities such as a bar, catering outlet and often fun-fair rides, but bear in mind many point-to-points take place in designated fields, so all facilities are temporary, i.e. they will be in marquees, and viewing usually takes place from a hillside rather than a grandstand. For a grand day out, take a picnic to set up from your car boot and invite your friends to join in!

These photos (see more below) were taken at Chaddesley Corbett point-to-point by Ian Yates www.eyewhy.co.uk, and give you a flavour of what to expect.

Read more about the Chaddesley Corbett point-to-point and Lady Dudley Cup here

For more information about point-to-points see http://www.pointtopoint.co.uk

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