What Is Creative Advertising, How It Affects Online Games and Its Usefulness

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Gaming was once seen as a nuisance, and gamers as schoolyard outcasts that struggled to fit in the real world.

However, that notion is long dead, and gaming is a part of mainstream entertainment.

As our world quickly turns into a gamer’s paradise with new technologies taking over the industry, experts believe the market will soon break previous revenue records. Marketers have noticed this trend and are coming up with innovative methods to cash in on this opportunity.

However, this has proved to be a difficult niche to master, with several advertising attempts failing in the past. So, the biggest question now is how to tap into the gaming industry and maximise your brand’s visibility in this extremely competitive environment!

And luckily, we have answers.

Creative Advertising Its Usefulness in the Gaming Industry

Among the several marketing strategies in place today, influencer marketing is the most coveted. Major brands are taking a piggyback ride on the back of popular social media stars to get their message across to the viewers. And this method has proven to be fairly successful.

It’s a simple method! All you need is a robust product and a celebrity to endorse it. This is a win-win for all as social influencers make a small fortune for promoting a product, while a brand gets direct access to a massive audience. Although this method is quite popular on most social media channels, YouTube gaming channels use it the most.

Apart from YouTube, Twitch is the second-largest platform for influencers in the gaming industry. And with Gen Z going crazy about gaming, influencers are a marketing goldmine for brands.

So, how do you leverage this opportunity?

3 Ways to Promote Your Brand in the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has benefitted massively from the digital boom. If you’re familiar with digital marketing in general, you can quickly draw the parallels.

Leverage the Mobile Frenzy

Mobile gaming contributes to roughly 51% of global revenue in the gaming industry. This is a readymade market for brands to tap into. By pairing up with popular influencers, brands can easily form a connection with the crowd.

Take Brawl Stars, for instance. Supercell teamed up with 10 influencers before launch, which helped them gather 5 million registrations after the launch date was announced. There has been no looking back since!

Free-to-Play Games

Free-to-play or F2P games have been popular for the better part of the last decade. As the name suggests, F2P games don’t need a subscription. But the only trade-off is you must sit through advertisements to progress through the game.

The best part of the F2P model is people are willing to pay for an uninterrupted experience if the content is worth it. The best example of brands using this method is streaming apps like YouTube, Spotify, and more.

Promote Brand Integrity

Social responsibility inspires the audience, unlike any other story. A company promoting a social cause is more likely to be perceived as responsible and trustworthy than a brand selling a great product.

For example, when Social Point Games teamed up with YouTuber Markiplier to promote Monster Legends, the move quickly made the game famous. Markiplier had a history of raising funds for charity using his influencer status, and this benefitted Social Point Games promoting itself as socially responsible.


The gaming industry is evolving at a lightning-fast pace. And marketers must keep up with the changing trends if they are to capitalise on the opportunities. While ad campaigns have gotten smarter over the years, advertisers have no time to relax if they’re to continue making the most of future opportunities.

This trend is equally prominent in the iGaming industry. The explosion in the popularity of online casinos post-COVID-19 has seen a massive increase in creative advertising. Casino affiliate sites are a lifesaver as they highlight the best gaming opportunities around the world. Visit https://uk-casino.online/ if you want to see how they actually do it.

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