What Do Betting on Horses and Playing Slots Have in Common?

Betting on horse races is one of the most enduring forms of gambling, but it certainly isn’t the only way of staking money. The growing popularity of online slots games has brought in an interesting new option, but how does this compare to putting money on horse races?

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A Strategy Is Needed

Every serious gambler will have a solid strategy in place to back them up. For horse racing, this could mean checking out the form thoroughly, using different types of bet or wagering on several horses in one race. You might follow tips or rely purely on statistics to make your decisions.

With slots games, the strategy starts by choosing the right game. You also need to take into account the features each game includes and whether they suit your play style. Bankroll management is important too, as you will want to make your credit stretch further and give yourself more chance of getting a big win.

It is possible to get started with the help of the latest casino bonuses. These include a 100% top-up of up to €500 plus 200 free spins from FEZbet and similar deals from the likes of Rizk and Zet Casino, letting you use this bonus cash wisely as part of a sensible strategy. This relates closely to horse racing, which also makes use of welcome bonuses and exclusive offers.

You Need to Understand the Odds

One of the first things that anyone does when starting to bet on horses is to look at the odds. This lets you see at a glance how likely it is that each horse will win. The odds on horses aren’t infallible, but a study by the Betting Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University showed that odds shorter than 2-1 are often closer to being accurate. Longer odds are less reliable, though.

When you go to play a slots game, you might think that the odds are always the same, but this isn’t true. They vary from game to game according to the return to player (RTP) figure. This is the overall amount that the game could theoretically return to players over a hypothetical number of spins, so the higher it is, the smaller the potential gap may be between each winning and losing on each spin.

However, volatility is also a concept that comes into play. The volatility level of a slot gives you an indication of how often it pays out and how big the prizes tend to be. So, a low volatility game will tend to provide more regular but small wins, while a higher volatility game will pay out less frequently but with potentially bigger wins.

The Importance of Luck

No matter how much effort you put into these different form of gambling, you will always be reliant upon getting some good luck at the right time too. In horse racing, the favourite might run out of steam or an outsider could have an inspired run. You just never know what exactly will happen in any race.

It is similar when you play slots, with luck playing a big part in your chances of walking away with some money. For example, slots with big progressive jackpots that are triggered randomly may give you a massive win at any point. You might also win free spins or some other sort of feature that boosts your chances right away.

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There are plenty of differences between betting on horse races and playing online slots. Yet, there are also enough similarities for anyone who enjoys one of these activities to quickly find their feet with the other once they give it a try. 

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