The (hair) Root of The Problem

Many people will show their true colours during and after lockdown – we’re talking hair colour!

We will be dye-ing to go the hairdressers once it is all over but before then will you wait it out or will you take the plunge and tackle the root of the problem with home dyes? If you do, you run the risk of ruining that perfect shade your hairdresser customised just for you. Is it worth it? Probably not.

So what is the solution? Answer – It’s A Cover Up!

We’re not talking about wearing a hat. Although this will be okay for a trip to the supermarket, your colleagues or clients would be bemused during a virtual meeting. No, we are talking about disguising those roots with a temporary colour cover up. This way you won’t have to worry about making drastic mistakes that will ultimately cost you time and money when your hairdresser has the mammoth task of rectifying the error.

Coloured Dry Shampoo

An instant fix and the cheapest is the coloured dry shampoo. This is really a 2 in 1 solution.


1. Dry shampoos help remove excess oil and grease, will add body and texture, and are also a great hair pick me up in-between washes.


2. Coloured dry shampoos will help blend in root regrowth or cover any stray greys.


This is only a temporary fix and choice of colour shades is limited, but it will pass the inspection on those virtual meetings.

Batiste via Boots the Chemist

Batiste offers three shades – Brilliant Blonde, Medium Brunette and Dark & Deep Brown. Price £3.99.

Compact Powder Root Cover Up.
Although quick, sprays can be a little messy if not used carefully, an alternative would be the powder root cover up. This will take longer to apply.

ColorWoW Root Cover Up is a mineral powder in compact packaging, covering grey and dark roots depending on the shade you purchase.
A big plus for thinning or fine hair, this powder can be used to fill in hairlines and cover gaps to create the look of thicker hair.
It should stay on until it is shampooed out, so will stay put when you sleep and also when you sweat after all those online keep fit classes you attend or hourly jogs outside.
When lockdown is behind us and holidays beckon, the powder is also water resistant so you can even swim in it! Plus the compact packaging makes it travel friendly.

Semi Permanent
This is riskier than the dry shampoos and the powder root cover ups but will last a couple or more washes. It also takes longer to apply, taking approx 20 minutes.
Josh Wood’s Gloss is a semi permanent treatment mask that deep conditions as it colours. 

The blonde shades can be used on highlighted or balayage hair. Price £19.

Price via Boots is £15 but at the moment they only stock the Smoky Brunette:

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