The Great Hat Exhibition – World Garden

For 2019, The Great Hat Exhibition curated by X Terrace Fashion Platform takes the theme of ‘World Garden’ where over 100 milliners from around the world will show their creations inspired by flora and fauna.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the hats to be on display:

Monique Lee Hylands-White

Monique is the curator of The Great Hat Exhibition and will also be showcasing a selection of her hats. Country UK/Taiwan.

Rose Meditative – Inspiration Spain, flowers captured in still life paintings and Salvador Dali’s rose painting of 1958.

Materials: sinamay, wire, silk satin and crinoline.

Westfjords – Inspirations Iceland and its dramatic fjords.

Olivia Rose Millinery 

Designer Olivia Turner, UK.


Lila – Inspiration India, Kipling’s Jungle Book and tiger lilies.

Materials: vintage parisisal, silk abaca and crinoline swirl mimicking the form of a snake.

JCN Fascinators 

Designer Claudia della Frattina, Italy.

Tokyo Story – Inspiration Tokyo Japan, cherry blossoms and coexistence of tradition /modernity.

Carol Kennelly Millinery



Eppie – Inspiration UK, Diarmuid Gavin’s Chelsea Flower show 2016 garden ‘Garden of Pure Imagination’.

Materials: embroidered appliqué, feather butterfly and wire.

Maria Koko Designs 

Designer Maria Kokoroyianis, Australia.


Fabulous Fauna – Inspiration Australia and the flowers from the Poincianna tree or commonly known as the Flame tree.

Materials: feathers, ribbon, wire and painted plastic and wire.

Dresses and trouser suits are Pinko

Julian Garner Headwear


Wild Garden – Inspiration UK, mother nature’s garden, the fascination of fungus – some edible, some poisonous and some causing hallucinations.

Materials: hand painted silk, wire, silk paints and lichen (real fungi).

Polona Poklukar


Iris Egyptian Queen – Inspiration Italy, Florence’s Giardino dell’ Iris – the botanical garden specialising in the Iris flower (a symbol of Florence) and the Egyptian Queen iris with its golden tones.

The Crafty Beggars 

Designer Rachel Frost, UK.

Topper of English Bulrush – Inspiration UK and the native English bulrush.

Dorothy Morant Millinery


Moon Garden – Inspiration UK, Sissinghurst’s white garden and moonlight.

Materials: sinamay, silk and veiling.

Ministry of Millinery

Designer Amanda Loiselle, UK.

Wild at heart – Inspiration UK, sunsets over fields and hedge rows of wild flowers.

Materials: organza, wire, acrylic fabric paint, floral tape.

Ian Bennett Millinery


Botanica Flora Penna – Inspiration Australia, William Tell resting house in Melbourne and native plants.

Yooney Millinery 

Designer Yooney Choi, South Korea.


Spring of Kyungbok Palace – Inspiration South Korea, Kyungbok Palace in Seoul with peonies, cherry blossoms and pine trees in spring.

Twisted Thimble Couture 

Designer Nic Clewer-Evans, UK.

Twisted Thimble Cariad – Inspiration UK and the simple rose in formal gardens, poetry and gardens of Port Merion North Wales.

Giulia Mio Haute Couture Millinery

Designer Giulia Mo, UK.

Aki – Inspiration Japan, autumn wind blowing, traditional Japanese garden, adding clusters of berries and three red spider lilies.

Anna Mikhaylova Hats 

Designer Anna Mikhailova, Russia.

Golden Rose – Inspiration France, luxury and glamour of a beautiful past epoch.

Materials: acrylic.

Pamela Castiglia 



Blu Garden – Inspiration France, Monet’s Water Lily Pond painting of his Giverny water garden.

Materials: wire, tulle and sinamay flowers.

Elena Fiore 

Designer Elena Dmitrieva, Russia.


Ice Rose – Inspiration Greenland and its snow algae creating pink/red snow with a faint watermelon like scent giving it the name ‘watermelon snow’.

Materials: five types of natural Japanese silk.

Nikole Tursi 



Cristi Galli – Inspiration Argentina, Ceibo, the national flower. 

Materials: felt, muslin, chiffon, tulle, net, wire and feathers.


Designer Stanka Kostadinova mihaleva, Kuwait.


Cactus You Crazy! – Inspiration USA, cactus.

Materials: sinamay and glass beads.

R.R. Pascoe

Designer Rosie Reichel Pascoe from Australia.

Welwitschia (Platypus of the Plant Kingdom) – Inspiration Namibia and Welwitschia which grows in the Namib Desert and was described by Charles Darwin as ‘Platypus of the Plant Kingdom’.

Materials: hemp braid, monofilament thread, crystal.

Vanessajane Headwear 

Designer Vanessa Meyer, UK.

Lazy Summer Days – Inspiration UK, cottage garden full of rambling plants.

Materials: sinamay and lace base decorated in silk hand painted flowers.

Xin Zhang Design 

Designer Xin Zhang UK.

Lotus Dance in the Breeze – Inspiration China, lotus ponds, which are typical features in traditional Chinese gardens, the main element in Chinese paintings and also have implied meaning of good moral quality of people in Chinese culture.

Materials: sinamay, wool felt, beads and wire.

Thoroughly Modern Millinery 

Designer Sue Anderson, UK.

The Sun has Got his Hat On – Inspiration UK, the rustic sunflower.

Materials: dyed silk, facetted beads, crinoline and cotton bias twists.

Anne Tomlin 


A Buzz In The Meadow – Inspiration UK and its meadows full of simple wild flowers, bees, birds and insects.

Materials: silk, sinamay, wire.

Anya Morris Millinery


Rose Anglais – Inspiration UK and the roses in her own garden with trellis work behind.

Die Hutisserie 

Designer Michaela Temperli, Switzerland.

Queen of the Alps – Inspiration the Swiss Alps – edelweiss flower, mountains, dark coarse rocks, green firs and pines and white snow tops plus the foehn wind.

Eun Young Lee Millinery 

South Korea.

Ikebana – Flower, Leaf and Butterfly – Inspiration Japan and its famous Ikebana flower arrangement, with Kara flower.

Materials: Hanji (traditional Korean paper), mesh net, wire.


Eva Marie 

Designer Sarah Simms, UK.

Lorelei – Inspiration North Yorkshire with its lichens growing on dry stone walls.

Hats by Maria Millinery 

Designer Maria Zherebtsova, UK.

Secret Life of Insects – Inspiration Russia, open spaces and grass in fields close to her summer house.

Margaret Woodliff Wright Millinery 


I Know A Bank – Inspiration UK, spring & summer gardens, Shakespeare’s sonnet in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Materials: buckram base, wadding, chenille ribbon.


Martine Henry Millinery 



Surma – Inspiration Ethiopia, the Surma tribe who adorn their heads with flowers, leaves grasses and fruits.

Materials: African wax cotton & papyrus flowers with midelino sticks, crin, glass beads and sinamay foundation.

The exhibition will be held on 3rd–12th April 2019 (11am–6pm daily, except for Thursdays – open until 8.30pm, and closed Sundays) at Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU.

Nearest underground and rail station: London Bridge.

Tickets can be booked via

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