The Cognitive Horse

From tireless farm work to steeplechasing – horses have been at the command of humans for thousands of years.

Whilst they are often perceived as an instrument and tool, a compelling new book is using psychology and behavioural study of these enigmatic animals to prove their true synergy with humans.

‘The Cognitive Horse’ has a bold goal of dramatically increasing horse wellbeing and welfare. According to authors Francesco De Giorgio and José De Giorgio-Schoorl, it’s just a case of making humans truly understand their equine fellow mammals.

The Cognitive Horse” takes the reader into a dimension where relationships are free of tensions – no leadership, dominance or other control assumptions. It is a dimension based on the knowledge of the social, emotional and mental abilities and needs of the horse.

An animal, curious and driven by his own inner motivation to explore and understand the world around him, including his relationship with humans. It sheds a light on the many beliefs and habits currently held in the relationship with horses, and animals in general, and opens the doors of perception to see horses from a different point of view, their point of view.

“It is possible for humans to build solid and unbreakable relationships with horses, based on a new understanding that we want to instil,” explains De Giorgio. “Their socio-cognitive abilities are far more superior than we originally thought and, by truly understanding and embracing this we can stop looking at them as an instrument and greatly increase equine wellbeing.

“Our book cuts through the abundance of misinterpretations and false and labels to instead start laying the foundations for a synergy between our two species. Harmony in this respect would bring with it huge mutual benefit.”

Readers agree and have been lavish with their praise. Ewa Schaeder comments, “I love this book, you have in the book put words on something I tried to convey to my students, but I lacked words to be able to talk about it. What you described in the book is so valuable to me, it’s like I’ve gotten a little treasure in my hand.

“What you put words on in the book will help me to explain to my students the things I thought I explained but I now understand that they have not at all understood. I have felt like I was drowned without oxygen in my attempts to explain.

“Most of us who have horses and work with horses, have our beginnings in an old tradition with horses. I have tried putting the old completely aside, but I also realise that there must be a bridge that helps people from the old to the new. Finally, one word; I love your book.”

‘The Cognitive Horse’ is available now:

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