The Best Horse Racing Events in the World

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All over the world, you’ll find people that are in love with horse racing. Hundreds of horse racing events happen every single year, and they include desert races, small races, luxury races and a whole host of others. 

Whether you’re looking for luxury experiences – which some of the online casinos at offer – or the simple fact of watching your favourite horse, below are 6 of the best horse racing events you can attend from all over the globe.

  1. The Dubai World Cup, UAE

This is where you’ll find the richest race day in the entire world. The Dubai World Cup was fashioned according to the dreams of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the event receives thousands of spectators who travel from all over the world to this event. It’s normally slated for the last Saturday of March every year. With a prize fund of around $10 million, it’s in the list of the most expensive horse races in the whole world!

  1. The Cheltenham Festival, UK

This stands as the most popular of all the horse races that happen in Britain. During the event, lots of horses from Ireland and Britain are showcased and it’s concluded by the famous ‘Cheltenham Gold Cup run’ on the last day, and this is regarded as the greatest of all the races in the UK. 

  1. The Kentucky Derby, USA

Of course, most of the residents of the United States must have heard about the Kentucky Derby.  Many people in the states and other countries regard this as one of the most famous sporting events in the entire United States. Here, you’ll be treated to races from an avalanche of horses. People commonly see the US Triple Crown of Thoroughbred as the most popular race in this festival – This alone brings in spectators in their masses every other year.

  1. The Pegasus World Cup, USA

This event takes place in Florida. Here, you’ll have the chance to watch a lot of thoroughbred horses as they do their thing. In its second year, the prize fund rose to $16 million – an impressive amount that made it one of the most expensive horse races in history.

  1. The Nakayama Grand Jump, Japan

The Japanese Nakayama Grand Jump takes place every February at Funabashi, Chiba, Japan. Here, only thoroughbred horses that are at least 4 years old are allowed to take part. This involves a three mile race and kicked off in 2008, making it 12 years since people have been gathering to witness this masterful festival. Normally, the prize money is set at about $2 million, but the elegance and beauty of the Funabashi makes the entire show an amazing tourist haven. 

  1. The Baden-Baden, Germany

Talk about the most popular jumping events in the European continent and the list won’t be complete without the Baden-Baden. Many people refer to this as German horse racing’s ‘Royal Ascot’.  The track upon which this race takes places could be described as a bit narrow, and the result of this is that each race has a maximum of only 18 horses. Even with that, you’ll still enjoy an amazing event – much more exciting and entertaining than many festivals with wider tracks. It’s a very lively event and you’ll have the best horses in Europe here.

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