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We are heading into the peak of the British racing season as the Cheltenham Festival is about to get underway ahead of next month’s Aintree Grand National.

Although horse racing is on all year long, many fans only watch and attend the main attractions, such as this week’s event at the Cheltenham Racecourse.

However big your interest is in the sport, it is easier than ever to keep on top of the latest news and information with simple mobile phone apps that you can carry around with you all day.


If you have a stake in a horse, a favourite horse, jockey or trainer, or simply have place a bet on a horse, then you will want to be tracking those major events over the course of the year to see how they do.

From the Dubai World Cup later this month to the Kentucky Derby on 1 May, no longer do you need to turn on the television set or radio to find out who wins each race, nor do you even have to log in to your computer, as you can simply keep a track of the events and results, major or not, with a choice of several mobile apps.

These also allow you to keep an eye on what big events are coming up, perhaps so you can schedule you day, week or month around them. With more races being broadcasted than ever previously you wouldn’t want to miss out on your favourite events because you didn’t know in advance when they were taking place.

Betting Apps

For the more serious horse facing fan who likes to place a punt on the events, there are a number of horse racing online betting apps with live broadcasts to keep on top of the action. This means you no longer have to turn up to a betting shop in order to watch the races, especially with the main television channels now only showing the big races.

If you have a stake on a horse, then you will probably want to watch the race to see how they perform. Or perhaps you want to watch races to see the form of horses ahead of the major events.

Whatever your preference, you can now watch several races simply by using an online betting app that has the rights to broadcast the events. This gives you the opportunity to watch the events at your own leisure.


With numerous events and races taking place each day, you’ll want to keep on top of the results to see how your horses are doing, particularly before placing a bet ahead of a major event.

The form guide is always one of the most important tools for punters before making their selection, and major sites like the BBC have a full list of results to help you keep on top of everything.

Their website works on Desktop, Mobile and Tablets alike, allowing you to choose which application you use to view the day’s results.

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