Pucker Up for Valentine’s

Be lip smacking ready for Valentine’s Day and pucker up:


Plump up the volume

…with Bubu’s #youpucker shimmering lip plumping mask. Price: £5. 

Key ingredients are:

Topical Botox – a cosmetic grade approved ingredient, currently unique to Bubu in the UK, and Hyaluronic Acid to nourish and hydrate the lip area.

The sparkles are not just for fun as this advanced glitterati hydrogel structure is thermo sensitive which reacts to skin temperature to release the key natural actives of red clover, brown algae, red algae, alfalfa herb and Wakame.

Bubu’s masks are vegan, cruelty free with environmentally friendly sparkles. The result is temporary so use it whilst getting ready for the big day or night out.

Don’t forget those pearly whites for that dazzling smile.

You’re just about to apply your lipstick and realise your teeth are not looking as white as you would like them to, but you really have to rush out the door or you’ll be late for your date. White Glo Bright Nights needs no time at all!  The non-peroxide dissolving film is designed for that occasion – simply place the film on your teeth and leave. The film will dissolve and be absorbed by the teeth’s enamel resulting in instant whitening top up to a shade or more.  Price £4.99

If you haven’t left it to the last minute and have time to spare use White Glo Diamond Series Whitening Pen  to lighten discolouration. Apply a layer of gel and leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse out the mouth with water. Price £14.99

For those who have planned ahead there is  White Glo White Accelerator including mouth tray, whitening gel and blue light spectrum technology to help activate the gel and accelerate the removal of stains. Price £29.99.

Saint or Sinner?

Depending on the look you are going for Lipstick Queen has a lip colour for every mood and outfit in their Saint and Sinner ranges.

Both ranges are infused with shea butter to keeps lips moisturised and hydrated for soft supple lips. However, that is where the similarity ends.

Soft and romantic is the Saint with its sheer tint of colour designed to flatter what is already there.  Price £22

Lipstick Queen Saint available via SpaceNK

Dramatic, decadent and high intensity is the Sinner with its 90% pigment shades. 

Lipstick Queen Sinner available via SpaceNK

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