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Paul Coopers Betting Series

The 15 November 2008 was an interesting punting day for your columnist. I’ve punted £48 Million in my life but one needs to keep on learning in order to stay in the game. Heard of the “Bookies in Rollers punters on bicycles” one………? 

The ToteScoop6, a Saturday-only bet, had gathered momentum and the Tote had created much needed publicity for a Lottery-challenging bet that has skill in spades compared to the random appeal (or lack of it) of the Lottery. 

I think the Scoop6 should be a £1 per combination and not £2 but for our outlay of £1,576 (788 combinations) on 15 November we had fun.

The bet requires the punter to choose a selection in each of six pre-determined races. The races chosen are normally the most difficult handicaps of the day. The winner is hoped for but don’t be disheartened if you get a place. The new money in the pool is split 14 ways. 7/14 goes into the win fund, 4/14 into the place fund and 3/14 into the bonus fund. The win fund means into the pool for all six winners, the place fund for people with a placed horse in each of the six races and the bonus fund is for the Scoop6 winners who have a chance to win the ‘sometimes’ huge bonus in one designated race the following Saturday. 

We only had four winners but managed to get three placed in one race and two placed in another with one placed in each of the other four races. 3x2x1x1x1x1 = 6 x dividend of £403-60 = £2421-60. 

Not what one was looking for but enough to stay off that bicycle! 

ToteScoop6 runs every Saturday although the prize fund varies each week. Good luck!

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