Men’s Gentle War on Blackheads

Blackheads are not caused by dirt inside pores; they are the result of air oxidizing the melanin in the sebum produced in our oil glands.

So vigorous scrubbing and harsh cleansing products are not the answer. These will only irritate and dry the skin, which in turn puts your skin in to survival mode to produce more oil, resulting in more blackheads.

Plot your war on blackheads carefully and use a gentle approach to reduce the size of pores and oil glands.

From the ‘Seoul’ of the beauty industry, comes COSRX, a Korean beauty brand combining highly effective ingredients with simplicity at an affordable price. Going to war on the blackhead are:

Mr RX Kit Blackhead Remover at £6.99 – a three step kit to remove those blackheads.

Step 1. Five-minute softening sheet to open up pores and dissolve impurities that cause blackheads.

Step 2. Ten-minute clearing sheet to extract blackheads and other waste from the pores.

Step 3. Five-minute relaxing sheet to help minimise enlarged pores.

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is a gentle exfoliant containing 4% natural Beta Hydroxy Acid ready for action to dissolve blackheads and sebum inside the pores. It also prevents sebum turning into blackheads via oxidation and helps skin rebuild its moisture barrier. Use once a week. Price £26.

Regular but gentle exfoliation will aid in removing the build up of impurities without skin irritation casualties.

Triumphant from New Zealand is men’s grooming brand Triumph & Disaster and their  Rock & Roll Volcanic Ash Green Clay Face Scrub

 and Logic Toner to help fight those blackheads.

Mix Rock & Roll face scrub with water and gently massage over the face. Working as a team, Volcanic Ash acts as a natural abrasive whilst Green Clay draws out impurities, reducing oil production and keeping those blackheads at bay. Price £24.

Logic Toner can be used after your everyday cleanser to clean out the last remnants of oily residue and unwanted build up in the pores without stripping or dehydrating sensitive skin.

Key ingredients are:

Tasmanian pepper fruit extract. Traditionally used by aborigines to treat external infections and inflammation, it brings calming and soothing benefits.

Alpine Willow herb extract helps shrink and reduce pore size.

Witch Hazel extract. A natural anti-acne agent with antioxidant, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Price £26.

For a quick attack go for Vitamin B3 Deep Cleanse Face Mask for Men by Super Facialist

Taking only five minutes, this facemask combines detoxifying properties of mineral rich Dead Sea mud with skin improving Nicacinamide that helps unclog pores and remove dirt, pollution and excess oil.

Ingredients include cactus water, shea butter and avocado oil.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Price £9.

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