Marcantonio Canters into Business

So following on from last weeks’ blog, where I interviewed Louis Mariette (who I incidentally saw in my local suppliers this week!), you may remember that he would love to see Kristin Scott Thomas in one of his creations?

Well this week I am interviewing a lovely milliner whose career was launched into the spotlight by the fact that the very same Kristin Scott Thomas commissioned one of her fabulous and feathery pieces. 

Pictured right: Kristin Scott Thomas by Fiona Hanson

This week I am interviewing the very lovely and talented Jane Marcantonio…

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How would you describe your designs/hats?

My headpieces are bespoke, sophisticated, chic and eye-catching and you will feel fabulous wearing one of them! 

What made you decide to become a milliner and how long have you been in business? 

I studied Design & Applied Arts specialising in Fashion, at Edinburgh College of Art from 1999-2003. I graduated with a BA Hons which lead me to the film industry. After four years, I started to contemplate my own business and felt that there was a niche in the market for large headpieces which were not small fascinators, nor hats. I have been designing and creating for a year-and-a-half. 

Your hats have been worn by the rich and famous! How did this side of your business come about? 

My celebrity clients include Kristin Scott Thomas and Amanda Holden (pictured right at Royal Ascot 2009; photograph by Getty Images). Kristin starred in the forthcoming film ‘Nowhere Boy’, which portrays the early life of John Lennon. I was costume supervisor – as I am maintaining a film career and the design business – and Kristin commissioned me to design a piece for a commemorative service for fallen pilots in the war. She was doing a reading at the service, which was to be held at St Paul’s Cathedral. 

Kristin Scott Thomas is a very chic and elegant client to have in my portfolio. 

Amanda Holden wears a Marcantonio creation at Royal Ascot 2009; photo by Getty Images

Amanda Holden approached me on the recommendation of one of her make-up artists. The publicity I have enjoyed from Amanda wearing a ‘Marcantonio’ to Ascot this year has been incredible. She was a perfect model and has been very supportive. 

If you had to make a very special bespoke piece, who would it be for and why? 

I would make a special piece for Zara Phillips, as she has just been voted ‘Hat Wearer of the Year’. I think she is a fine royal ambassador and I would deem it a great honour if she wore one of my designs. 

What piece would you want to wear to which race meeting, and why? 

I would wear the piece named the ‘Green Vortex’ (pictured right). I have blonde hair and when I wear it, I looks like I’m a brunette. I’m a firm believer in creating an illusion, when dressing up! A ‘Marcantonio’ can make you feel confident, alluring and just simply special!

For more Marcantonio headpieces see

I absolutely adore Jane’s work, and I am sure we will see even more pieces of hers in the next prestigious race meeting, maybe at Glorious Goodwood! 

Watch out for my next blog where I will be giving tips on the best hats to wear on Ladies’ Day at Glorious Goodwood, plus there will be a very special competition… 

If you require a bespoke piece for your special occasion or for anything else, please email me!


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