LET GO AND embrace the Colour Energy of RUN…

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How do you feel about yourself today? Do you wake up each morning feeling unloved and unsupported? Do fear and insecurity hold you back and stop you getting what you really want in life? It is often deeply buried, painful emotions that cause us to self-sabotage as we struggle to cope with life’s challenges.  In fact, we can feel completely trapped by our mental and emotional pain, which can then manifest itself as physical pain without us even being aware of how we hold this pain in our bodies. Our bodies can tell us everything we need to know about ourselves, if we only take the precious time to go within and examine our emotional pain…

If you were given the opportunity to liberate yourself from deeply buried emotional pain, would you be prepared to release, let go and RUN free?

What are your coping strategies for overcoming emotional pain and mental challenges?

RUN is an acronym for the strategy I use, which allows you to gently: Release, Unravel and Neutralise your emotional/mental pain by simply using the powerful and subtle healing vibration of Colour Energy!

Life’s challenges affect us in many different ways.  One of my clients had experienced great difficulties throughout her life in just coping with everyday small, mundane tasks. After visiting various therapists over the years without any success, she eventually came to me for a colour energy RUN treatment and this is what she experienced:

“Following my healing with you I found myself sleeping deeply that night and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and peaceful. Over the next few days I experienced more energy and optimism than is usual for me and have since managed to tackle many little jobs which till now I have found myself too tired or apathetic to even contemplate. The colour diagnoses pinpointed my energetic blocks showing the areas most beneficial for me to work on in my own personal development. Thank you so much for my healing. You are one special healer. I feel AMAZING.” – Monireh 2017

How difficult do you find it to get the little things done?

I typically assist and support my clients with their reconnective journey to the authentic self, through heart centred colour healing (HCCH). This therapy promotes balance, wellbeing, inner peace, relaxation, clarity of thought, focus and enables us to validate, acknowledge, love and nurture ourselves.  Moreover, my intent to heal and my client’s intent to be healed is paramount to the healing process. I hold an energetic space for my client in my consciousness, which increases the effectiveness of the different multi-dimensional frequencies of the HCCH energies involved in the process.

Humans and animals resonate to the healing frequency of colour, which forms the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Colour therapy uses the vibrational frequency found in colour as a safe, natural and non-intrusive healing therapy. The healing energy of colour therefore works on a subtle level within the electro-magnetic field that surrounds each of us enabling the body to heal itself holistically, mind body and soul.

“Eudes is a unique healer – she works from the heart. The imagery projected into my mind was very powerful and worked on a quantum level balancing many aspects” – Tatiana 

I believe heaven is finding happiness and peace within.  When the heart is happy we shine and glow naturally, inwardly and outwardly.

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ARE YOU Ready to RUN with HCCH? 
Contact me at:
Eudes Labadie
Colour Energy Therapist
[email protected]
Tel: 07752230612

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Eudes Labadie is a member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) http://www.the-cma.org.uk/ and a gifted healer trained in several self-help and healing therapies. She comes from a strong lineage of natural healers on both maternal and paternal sides of her family. Her mission, motivation, and passion is to use her healing ability to reactivate the latent gifts hidden in others by teaching them simple self-help techniques which use the transformative and healing power of colour.


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