Join AP McCoy and Luke Harvey online in a 5 minute workout for Sport Relief

Two of racing’s most famous faces, Sir AP McCoy and Luke Harvey have joined forces with Great British Racing to create a simple jockey workout in support of Sport Relief.

The charity has challenged the nation to reach a billion steps a day during the week 17–23 March and the 5 minute exercise video featuring ITV’s McCoy and Harvey on the Sport Relief app is proof that, even though their glory years may be behind them, anyone can get involved and make a contribution to the steps target.

You can watch a shortened version of the video below:

·        Download the Sport Relief App here to watch the full 5 minute workout

Twenty-time Champion Jockey McCoy, who was famed for his competitive nature during his career said, “There was absolutely no way that I was going to let Luke beat me but it was fair to say that it was tougher than I thought it would be – we both left the session thinking that we both probably ought to go to the gym a bit more often. Sport Relief is an incredible charity and the workout is a fun way to help get you moving and increase your step count for Sport Relief’s National Billion Step Challenge.”

Luke Harvey said, “I’m not going to lie – at one point I didn’t think I was going to make it. But it was a lot of fun and the exercises were a real reminder of just how fit and strong proper jockeys are. It also shows the difference that 5 minutes of exercise can make so no matter how fit you are so download the app and see whether you can do better than me and AP.”

The five minute workout includes five 30 second exercises with a 30 second break between each exercise. The exercises including sprints, burpees, squat jumps, squat walks and walking lunges are all designed to mimic the aerobic fitness and leg strength of professional jockeys, something that is key for their performance. Just about standing by the end, the racing stars show how everyone can do their bit for Sport Relief this year, no matter your age or fitness.

The video is now live on the new Sport Relief app alongside workout videos with other celebrities and sporting personalities including Davina McCall, gold medal winning hockey players Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh and fitness guru Joe Wicks. Download the Sport Relief app here and head to the Discover section.

Great British Racing has also set up a league within the Sport Relief app where various racing organisations can join and log their steps to see which team has contributed the most steps to the tally.

To support Sport Relief and contribute to Great British Racing’s step efforts, download the Sport Relief app and the Great British Racing league.

The workout

·        START

·        Sprints (30 seconds)

·        Rest (30 seconds)

·        Burpees (30 seconds)

·        Rest (30 seconds)

·        Squat jumps(30 seconds)

·        Rest (30 seconds)

·        Walking lunges (30 seconds)

·        Rest (30 seconds)

·        Walking squats (30 seconds)

·        FINISH

Photos and video courtesy of Great British Racing and Sport Relief

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