Introducing The Racing Heart Podcast

The Racing Heart Podcast is a place to hear about the horses and people, including those you haven’t heard of yet, that have impacted lives or touched our hearts as part of this great sport.  

Each episode we’ll play messages from listeners who love racing and read out your emails.  Well also talk to someone involved in the game and get their personal story of how they connected, what moves them still, and the particular people and horses who helped them achieve wonderful things.  We’ll probably make you cry, hope to make you laugh, and most importantly leave you feeling more inspired by and connected to the sport and animals we love.

Share your tributes to the horses and people from Ladies Day to the foaling stall to the starting gate and beyond that have had an impact on your life.  Tell us who you go racing with, why you go, and what it means to you.  Tell us about the people caring enough to present the sport from taking the bet, to showing you to your seats, or sweeping up at the end of the day.  Tell us all about those horse personalities that there just isn’t enough room for in traditional media coverage.  We know you’ve named your children after them, pilgrimaged to see them, shared the sport with multiple generations of your family, been given a hand up at an important moment, or a soft mane to listen to your troubles.

Want to submit your story?  Click HERE!    (Link: )

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