How to Look Fashionable at the Race Track

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Every female spectator will want to appear effortlessly chic and stylish when attending a horse racing event. Yet, you might be unsure as to what attire will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

If you are worried about over- or underdressing when visiting a racecourse, you should read the following helpful tips on how to look fashionable at the race track.

Wear Practical Shoes

As you will more than likely spend the day cheering on your chosen horses to victory, you can guarantee your feet will be aching by the end of the event, if not before. For this reason, you must wear practical shoes or you’ll focus more on your throbbing feet than an action-packed race. So, try to avoid high heels and opt for a stylish pair of wedge espadrilles instead.

Check a Racecourse’s Dress Code

Different racecourses will feature different dress codes, which can also vary by the enclosure you are in. It is, therefore, imperative to do your homework before you start planning your free bets on the best thoroughbreds or selecting a look for the event. For example, Royal Ascot features a strict dress code that you’d be wise to review before you find an outfit. So, if you’re planning to wear a full suit or jumpsuit, you must ensure it is not cropped or you’ll be turned away from the event.

Play with Fun Accessories

If the dress code allows, you should aim to have a little fun with your accessories. For example, if you don’t want to wear a hat, you could style your hair with a pretty bow, fashionable headband or a cute clip, any of which will make you appear both young and stylish at the likes of the Grand National or the Cheltenham Festival.

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Adorn a Floral Dress

If you want to inject personality, colour and elegance into an outfit, consider wearing a floral dress to the races. The feminine design could set you apart from the many spectators at an event, and it’s the perfect pick for a summer’s day. Plus, it will allow you to have a little more fun when selecting complementary accessories, such as a fascinator and clutch bag.

Stick with Classic Colours and Styles

To complement the formality of the occasion, you could stick to classic colours and styles you know will work at a horse racing event. For example, the Duchess of Sussex recently wore a monochromatic white dress with a fabulous fascinator to the Royal Ascot, which was reminiscent of My Fair Lady. It’s also the perfect occasion to wear white, as you won’t be allowed to do so when attending a wedding as a guest.

So, if you are planning a trip to the races in the near or distant future, the above tips could help you find the perfect outfit for your event and style.

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