How to Bet a Double

How to Bet a Double: Fancy a flutter that’s a bit more fun than a ‘win’ or ‘each way’? Why not try a Double:

Step 1: Choose a horse to win from one race.

Step 2: Choose a horse to win from a different race.

Step 3: Pay your stake to the bookie.

Step 4: Both horses need to win their races for you to win the bet.

Step 5: If successful, claim your winnings. This will add up to more than if you had bet on the two races separately because the winnings from the first race will have been added to the stake on the second race and then multiplied by the odds for that race, to result in your total winnings.

For example:

Two separate bets:

First race £1 at 3-1 = winnings of £3 + £1 stake

Second race = £1 at 4-1 = winnings of £4 + £1 stake.

Spend £2, end up with £9.

How to bet a Double:

First race £2 at 3-1 = winnings of £6 + £2 stake

Second race = £8 (from first race results) at 4-1 = winnings of £32 + £8 stake

Spend £2, end up with £40.

Of course it is harder to pick two winners than one, but that’s why the return is so much better!

We don’t want to sound negative, but remember to only bet what you can afford to lose.

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