Hats & Roses: A Kentucky Culture Tradition

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It was wayback 1875 when the first race for the Kentucky Derby was run at the dirt racetrack of Churchill Downs with an exciting crowd of 10,000 people gathered to witness the spectacular race between 15 three-year-olds.

Kentucky Derby, or so they called the Run for the Roses, was first run with a one and a half mile just like the Derby at Epsom. It was later on changed to one and a quarter mile run in 1896.

For people who are new in this kind of sport, would you ever ask yourself why it is called a Run for the Roses? Every name has a reason just like why your parents gave you the names you have today.

Since then, the Kentucky Derby has become a traditional celebration instead of an intriguing racing event in America. It may have been the most famous race of all time and the first of a three-part championship series–Triple Crown, but to Kentucky locals and gamblers it is a celebration.

A celebration where they wear the craziest hats they can ever wear to match their subtle dress and suit, a time for them to cling their beer bottles and glasses of mint julep and a winning streak for the jockey to earn millions. As for the horses, they get flowers.

As soon as the race is over, it has been a tradition where a spread of red roses is hung over the winning colt’s neck. This started in 1896 and later on became an official Derby flower in 1904. About 20 years after that, the Kentucky has been known as the Run for the Roses.

Needless to say but it is not only the ladies who can wear their crazy hats but the horses will have their roses as their race fashion for winning as well. Hats have become a requirement during race day where they all come in sizes, shapes and colors. The women will of course work on their style greatly where they include flowers, feathers, ribbon and many more to create attention on the bleachers.

Men, on the other hand, will have their famous bourbon base alcohol drink mint julep. Kentucky is known for making such alcohol. It contains bourbon, sugar, mint and ice. A very refreshing drink I must say.  They say over 120,000 glasses will be sold at Churchill Downs during Derby weekend.

There is more to know about the story behind the Kentucky Derby which is why it made every horse fan and gamblers so interested to it. TVG Network Kentucky Derby History is available in their website for a gambling newbie 101.

Kentucky Derby is the first of the three championship race series for the Triple Crown. Any horse would strive their way to achieve the crown but it has never been that easy for them and their trained horses.

As you all know, to win the crown, you must first win at Kentucky Derby then onwards to the next Preakness Stake race in Maryland and on to the verdict race at the dirt tracks of Belmont. Win all three and you definitely be crowned as the Triple Crown Champion.

There are only 13 horses who ever got a chance to win the series. First to ever grab the title was Sir Barton in 1919 and recently the lucky horse to gain it was Justify, last year 2018.

Winning the race is a big deal as this can also entitle you as The Horse of the Year. Kentucky Derby has always been the most exciting two minutes in sports as so they called in the southern city of Louisville but still the youngest of the three races.

A most exciting and most watched derby race where millions of dollars are wagered and a gaining wealth from breeding Derby winners.

Kentucky, just like any major race, has a live TV coverage courtesy of NBC Sports attracting about millions of viewers for this two-week event. But if you are someone who is always on the run, you don’t need to get to a tv to watch it as it has an online broadcast at TVG.

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Having your TVG online betting account will give you a strong undercard with ample opportunities on the day to win some money from betting, a chance for you to take part at the biggest race ever through betting which is the next best thing you can be proud of yourself other than owning one of the runners in the any of the races in store.


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