The Great Hat Exhibition 2018

The Great Hat Exhibition 2018

The Great Hat Exhibition 2018 curated by X Terrace fashion platform, takes inspiration from The Great Exhibition organised by Prince Albert.

Also named the Crystal Palace, the exhibition took place in Hyde Park London 1851 and brought together culture and industry from around the world.

The Great Hat Exhibition, which is to show from 22nd–28th March 2018, aims to celebrate world culture heritage through magnificent hat designs.

Featuring the work of 130 milliners from all over the world, the exhibition will showcase their creations inspired by a piece of history/culture or crafted with unique technique of their nation.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the hats to be on display:

Milliner Monique Lee Hylands-White is the curator of The Great Hat Exhibition and will also be showcasing a selection of her hats. Country UK/Taiwan.

(Left) Smoke Indigo – Inspired by the UK and the peacocks who reside in the picturesque Swiss Garden at Shuttleworth.

(Right) Courtyard of the Myrtles – Inspired by Spain and the Moorish poets’ description of the Alhambra Palace in Granada: ‘A pearl set in emeralds’.

JCN Fascinators. Designer Claudia della Frattina, Italy.

Crystal Palace – Inspired by UK and Crystal Palace representing man’s triumph over nature.

Ministry of Millinery. Designer Amanda Loiselle, UK.

Unity, Tolerance and Peace – Inspired by the Canadian maple leaf and what it represents.

Dorothy Morant Millinery. Designer Dorothy Morant UK.

For the Love of Flowers – Inspired by the English country garden.

Ana Bella Millinery. Designer Ana Pribylova, UK/Czech/Australia.

Untitled, this piece was inspired by the modern hat movement in Australia where ladies parade hats at racing events.

Wendy Scully Millinery. Designer Wendy Scully, Australia.

Pink Cockatoo – A headpiece created to reflect the colours and sense of flight of the Australian Pink Cockatoo, an icon of the ancient culture of traditional Australian fauna, colour, noise, flight and freedom.

Hats by Sandy A. Designer Sandy Aslett, Australia.

Kakadu Lily – Inspired by one of the world’s last true wilderness areas, Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory and where the delicate bloom of Kakadu Water Lily survives.

Elizabeth Christina Design. Designer Tina Hemlock Coyne, Ireland.

Irish Lotus –  Tina sees the strength, courage and power of the Irish people mimicked in the life and beauty of the Lotus flower.

Die Hutisserie. Designer Michaela Temperli, Switzerland.

Facing Tradition I – inspired by Germany and the traditional costumes and hats of the Black Forest, especially the Bollenhut, a white straw hat with 14 large red (for unmarried women) or black (for married women) pompoms.

Kizzy Mckeown Millinery. Designer Kizzy Ngozi McKeown, South Korea/Nigeria. Email:

Pearls of the Sea – Inspired by the strong and independent female divers in the Korean province of Jeju, who, without an oxygen tank, gather shellfish from the ocean floor.

Saraden Designs. Designer Sarah O’Rourke, Ireland.

Evolution – Inspired by the progression of Ireland’s textile industry during the Irish industrial revolution.

Rene Mantilla, New York. Designer Rene Mantilla, USA.

Laurento Chapeau – Inspired the Ecuadorian culture with the country’s rich resources such as fabric and leather.

Loletesdebu. Designer Loles Garcia from Spain.

Mozambique in my Head – Inspired by Mozambique and the Nigerian Yoruba headwrap, the Gele. This traditional headwrap is a must-have accessory and provides a statement of elaborate stiff folds especially for special occasions.

SHANDANA. Designer Shandana de la Riviere, UK.

Close to the Sun – Inspired by the British poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem, The Eagle which was first published in 1851, the year of the Great Exhibition.

Yooney. Designer Yooney Choi, South Korea. Email:

The Queen – Inspired by South Korean and the De-su hairstyle worn by the queen at royal court ceremonies during Joseon times.

Beretkah…I. Designer Tatiana Ashakova, Germany.

Ice Swan – Inspired by the Russian winter: the moment of a sudden winter when fresh leaves and flowers are trapped in ice.

Susan McArthurMillinery. Designer Susan McArthur, Australia.

Cultural Crown – With her son engaged in military service in Afghanistan, Susan was inspired to create millinery which reflected ideas of protection and cultural diversity.

R.R. Pascoe. Designer Rosie Reichel Pascoe from Australia.

Homebrand is a Good Brand – A homage to Australia’s internalised inferiority complex, The Cultural Cringe, a phrase coined after WWII to describe how Australians assumed anything produced by local musicians, artists and writers were not as good compared to the works of their European counterparts.

Xin Zhang Design. Designer Xin Zhang UK.

Childhood Memory of Lucky Tiger – This crocheted tiger hat was inspired by Chinese children’s clothing.

Yuan Li London. Designer Yuan Li from UK.

Xiao Long Bao – Inspired by a favourite food in China- mini steamed buns.

Sue Wood Millinery. Designer Susan M Wood, UK.

Oswaldtwistle (Ossy) – Inspired by the British loom woven from Cottage Craft to the Industrial Revolution.

Humboldt Haberdashery. Designer Amy Fowler USA. Email:

Controlled Chaos – Inspired by the political and social culture of the US and is expressed with wired horsehair braid and ostrich quills.

Eun Young Lee Millinery. Designer Eun Young Lee, Netherlands/South Korea.

Gisaeng – Inspired by the hair style of the Gisaeng (Korean’s equivalent of the Geisha) in the Joseon Dynasty of South Korea. Korean traditional paper craft techniques were used.

federiKA fabbriKAidee. Designer Federica Moretti, Italy.

Eden Night – Inspired by a summer night at the Eden Project gardens in Cornwall, UK.

Natasha Mobey Millinery. Designer Natasha Mobey from UK.

Scarlet Twist – Inspired by the Art Deco era in the UK. An era truly of the arts.

Julian Garner Headwear. Designer Christopher Julian Garner, UK.

Fingerprints – Inspired by UK and the world at this time.

Jenny Roberts Millinery. Designer Jenny Roberts & Marie Halewood of UK.

Spodes’s Blue Italian – Inspired by UK and the 200-year anniversary of the Blue Italian pottery designed by Josiah Spode, created and made in England.

Margaret Woodliff Wright. Designer Margaret Woodliff Wright. Email:

In Celebration of the Alnwick Garden – Inspired by the drama of Alnwick Garden in Northumberland UK.

Chaperon HATS. Designer Katin Juchems, Australia/Germany. Email:

Apple Tree –spring and autumn, the apple tree is a very rich symbol in history and mythology of different cultures. In Germany the apple is the favourite and most harvested fruit.

Angie Jackman Millinery. Designer Angie Jackman, Australia.

Golden Myrtle. Inspired by the Australian native bush lands and the iconic Australian Eucalyptus tree.

The exhibition will be held on 22nd–27th March 2018 (10.30am–6pm daily) and 18th March (10.30am–2pm) at The Living Centre, 2 Oussulston Street, London. NW1 1DF. Nearest underground and rail station: King’s Cross/ St Pancras.

Tickets are £10 per person.

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