Grand National 2018

Grand National 2018: Get Set to Sparkle

Grand National 2018: They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so let’s start applying some seriously glamorous window dressing for the Grand National!

And here to help is Just4youonlineuk with makeup artist @alagorska to show how to apply glitter eyeshadow; whilst All Dolled Up UK explains how to create the perfect eye flick.

Before the glitter begins, apply the basics. This is your neutral eyeshadow palette of taupes and browns with a highlighter. Also shape and colour your eyebrows.

And now to create that twinkling look:

1. Apply a tiny amount of Glitter Fix Gel Primer over the eyelid but NOT right to the end of the outer eye corner. Price £2.99 via Etsy.

2. Dip a makeup brush into water and blot with a paper towel until just slightly damp. Hold a tissue or a damp wash cloth just underneath the lower lashes. With the other hand coat the brush with Sunset Brown glitter eyeshadow.

3. Hold the brush flat against your eyelid and gently press the glitter onto the eyelid. Repeat the process until the glitter has set and you are happy with the amount.

4. Clean up loose glitter by dipping a cotton swab lightly into makeup remover and use it to remove any stray pieces of fallen glitter from your cheeks and around your eyes.

5. Apply turquoise blue eyeliner underneath the eye and just above the glitter from inner corner to the middle. Rimmel’s Exaggerate Waterproof eye definer in Aqua is £3.99 from Superdrug.

6. Or MUA Intense turquoise eyeliner pencil at £1 from Superdrug.

To create the perfect eye flick All Dolled Up UK have provided a few tips using their Black Cadillac Eyeliner by Le Keux Cosmetics. Price £12.

1. Swirl an eyeliner brush into the Black Cadillac Eyeliner paint to activate the product and evenly coat the brush.

2. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, sweep the eyeliner across your eyelid as close to the lash line as possible.

3. When you get to the edge of your outer eye, stop.

4. Just above the outer eye corner draw a small wing out and slightly angled up. (If the wing is too low it gives the eye a droopy appearance.)

5. Once the wing has been drawn, bring the top of its point in to meet the rest of the eyeliner, creating an elongated triangle. Then fill in the triangle.

6. This eyeliner isn’t smudge proof so for extra staying power, set your eyeliner by gently patting translucent powder on top with a soft brush. Brush excess away. If your eyeliner colour is muted by the powder then all you need to do is go over it again with another coat of eyeliner. Use Le Keux Cosmetics Translucent Pin Up Powder £18 via Etsy.

These products are all Cruelty free!

End with more Sparkle!

Add a tiny amount of Vaseline around the inner corner of your eye and then gently dab the fine Blue Rapture glitter with a cotton swab (careful to avoid the actual eye). Don’t forget to place tissue underneath to catch any stray glitter.

Last but not least apply mascara or false eyelashes.

Images provided by Just4youonlineuk, All Dolled Up UK and Superdrug.

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