Exotic Elegance for the York Ebor

Keep your eye on the Best Dressed prize and blend British style with a dash of exoticism.

Aarabhi London combines British fashion with Indian craftsmanship. Look fresh and glamorous in their cool white organic cotton dress embellished with colourful beads in royal blue, coral, gold and grass green. Its pleated chiffon hemline adds a touch of whimsy to the tailored style.  Price £550.

Founded in London by Aarabhi Sivaraman, hand embellishments are the key focus adorning simple fabrics to create statement pieces. Ensuring ethical standards are met experienced artisans work in a safe environment and receive a fair wage with Aarabhi’s agent regularly visiting the Mumbai factories to check that these standards are upheld.

The brand also works with Five P Venture, an organisation focused on reviving handloom industry in Chennimalai India helping in the preservation of knowledge and skills, alleviating poverty and giving back to the community.

Hand made in London by Irish milliner Joanne Edwards is June, an oversize disc in a fresh lime green adorned with pom pom shaped hydrangea flowers and hand styled Ostrich quills. Price £495 via Etsy.

There is only one RTW hat left on Etsy but if you are unlucky to miss out on this you can ask for a MTO one via her website:


Growing up in NW Ireland Joanne was always fascinated by the local hand weavers, crocheters and lace makers which inspired her to pursue a career in Fashion Design. Along the way she found hat making allowed her to combine her love of fashion design and the art of handcraft.

Sometimes a tilted hat only needs one exotic earring. Reach for the moon with this single mother of pearl earring by international jewellery brand Thomas Sabo. Sterling silver with 18k yellow gold plating. Price £98.

This iridescent shell is said to have the ability to attract wealth, good fortune and good luck – perfect for a day at the races.

Digitally crafted in London by Argentinean jewellery designer Alicia Felberbaum, the Lattice bracelet was inspired by the cellular structures found in some leaves. Here in white nylon but also available in black. Price £110.

Alicia gained a Master’s degree from Goldsmith College of Art, London in 1994 and spent many years working as a video artist. This passion for digital design and 3D design lead to her creating MeRiDesigns in 2014.

Family run, the Keith Scarrott brand works closely with European artisans to incorporate the latest fashion trends with classic styles.  Complement the pleated hem of the dress with their Scicli pure white mule sandal and its semi pleated buckle strap. The sloping mid heel is ideal for a day at the races. Price was £169.95, now £135.95.

Also available in other colours.

Mainly designed in Cheltenham and handmade in Italy or Spain.

Designed and handcrafted in London but inspired by Ancient Babylonia is the Ennigaldi handbag brand. The love of art is at their core so the brand named themselves after a highly educated Babylonia princess who curated the world’s first museum. For their debut collection, Mesopotamia, they looked to the era of Princess Ennigaldi’s own time for inspiration.

Sarpanit mini handbag in bold ultramarine blue with detachable shoulder strap features a laser cut Babylonian inspired motif on front flap. The magnetic clasp is shaped like the Ancient Babylonian Rod & Ring symbol which reflecting the powers of the temple and palace and so seals the bags with an ancient sign of honour and respect. Named after a Babylonian goddess to inspire today’s women to seize their power and purpose along their own unique journey. Price £520.

Spilt Milk eyewear brand – New York based, handcrafted in Japan and sold online via the London based Eyeconomy Club concept store.

Phi Phi named after the beautiful Thailand islands, is a narrow cat-eyed frame in sky blue stainless steel. 100% UV protection. Price 265.

As the brand’s name suggests, they do not take themselves seriously. Never crying over spilt milk their designs evoke humour whilst staying stylish.

 Eyeconomy Club seeks to promote independent eyewear brands and accessories around the world.


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