Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Easy To Use Horse Racing Betting Strategies

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Easy To Use Horse Racing Betting Strategies

If there’s a race that interests you, or you want to dip your toes into the world of horse racing, figuring out how to approach the whole ordeal might make it seem less challenging. It’s always a good idea to approach betting with something resembling a strategy. Slamming down money carelessly is something you should avoid at all costs.

Whether you are a beginner or veteran, we’ve got something for you. Learning new things always gives you an edge over the house no matter what level of experience you have. In this article, we’ll share some of our favourite betting strategies, which might just make you a winner.

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Don’t Listen To The Horse Track Experts

Whenever you visit the horse track, you’ll run into people claiming to be experts, and knowing for sure which horse is going to win. In betting there’s never a sure thing unless someone has extremely unlikely insider information.

If someone was an expert to the degree where they would know for sure who was going to win, you can be sure that they wouldn’t be spending their days at the tracks sharing information for free. It’s not that people cannot be more, or less knowledgeable about the subject.

However, you cannot put all your hopes into a self-proclaimed expert.

Don’t Get Hung Up On Your Favorite

We get it, we all have a favourite racer. However, our favourite horse cannot win all the time, even though it’s something that we all want to see. Filling our pockets with money is a good feeling but filling our ego to the brim as well.

Horse races are extremely hard to predict. Statistically, the favourite horses win about one-third of the time. It’s a good statistic for the horse, but not a good statistic if you are a punter putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Look at outsiders as well. They usually have a more significant profit margin, and many times tend to do better than favourites.

Do Your Research

Doing research in betting is of vital importance if you are serious about winning serious money. To make a solid horse racing analysis is always a step ahead of betting on your “gut feeling”. Look at the racing horse’s historical performance.

This will give you an overview of their performance, and the conditions under which they perform better or worse. You can make a horse racing form, similar to the ones used for football. Comparisons between other horses are also vital, as you can analyze the competing horses as well.

It’s especially vital to look at the track and whether it’s soft, heavy or firm. Different horses perform differently on the track depending on how the surface is made.

Look At The Horse’s Owner

Even though the horse owner may not even be on the track at the time of the race, they place a critical role. The condition and health of the horse heavily depend on how much the owner wants to invest, and profit from the horse. 

Food quality, how good the horse’s housing is and how the horse is being trained. The trainer matters a lot, and the owner has a huge role to play in who the trainer is, and how much time he or she devotes to the horse. Look to the trend of the owner’s performance with current, and past horses, and it should give you an overall idea of how good he/she is.

Large Races Are Usually More Profitable

Large markets are the ones with better odds and are a great staging ground for newcomers to the horse betting world. At almost every large horse racing event, there are bookmakers with lots of welcome offers, ready to give you bonuses just to place a bet with them.

Also, there are more races at bigger events meaning your chance to win is increased even more. Compared to smaller bets, it’s much easier to score on bigger ones simply due to the volume of the race.

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