Digital ‘Health Passport’ could hold key to restarting international sport and travel

A British cyber security company believes it holds the crucial key to unlocking the Covid-19 quarantine for sports teams and international travellers to and from the UK and globally with a unique digital health passport.

The Manchester based cyber security company founded by tech entrepenuer Louis-James Davis has developed a unique digital health passport – V-HEALTH PASSPORT™  – which has been designed for professional athletes and sports teams to use as part of ‘Project Restart’ in getting all sports back to professional competition in the UK and globally.

Former England Rugby Captain and 2003 World Cup Winner Mike Tindall MBE and his wife the former World Champion and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist Zara Tindall (Phillips) MBE have been appointed by VST Enterprises™ (VSTE) as its global sporting ambassadors, and the project has also received the support of former Sports Minister Richard Caborn, who amongst many other legacies was responsible for bringing the 2012 Olympics to London.

The passport integrates with VCode® and VPlatform® technology, which is being hailed as the cyber security’s version of ‘human DNA’. V-Health Passport™ combines verification of each person’s identity with official Covid testing results for both antigen and antibody testing. Using third generation code scanning technology with ultra secure end-to-end encryption, the passport overcomes the risk of fake or manipulated test results and personal identities.

Louis-James Davis CEO and founder of VST Enterprises said: “A digital health passport is the key to unlocking quarantine restrictions for anyone who is travelling from country to country. 

“This would also allow professional athletes and sports teams from across football, rugby, cricket, tennis and Formula 1 to travel and complete their seasons and tournaments even if this first phase is behind closed doors away from fans.

“All a test kit does is confirm a test result positive or negative, it does not however confirm a person’s identity.

“V-Health Passport™ is a unique technology that solves this problem instantly. We provide an ultra secure digital health passport that verifies and onboards a person’s identity against existing official ID such as a passport or photographic identity and is then verified against a live likeness test. The Covid test is taken and administered by a health professional and then uploaded into the app technology.”

British Home Secretary Priti Patel announced recently that all travellers coming to the United Kingdom after the 8th June would be required to comply with a mandatory self isolation of 14 days with tough penalties for those who do not comply. The announcement has far reaching implications for international travel to and from the UK, tourism and also for sports teams competing in European and International sports events, leagues and professional competitions.

VST Enterprises® is in extensive talks to various sports governing bodies globally, and believes its health passport will allow all professional athletes and sports teams to resume their European and International sports fixtures and become exempt from quarantine if they can show a valid health status as test negative for Covid-19.

Former England Captain and 2003 World Cup winner Mike Tindall MBE said: “I am delighted to be joining VST Enterprises™ as a global sports ambassador and to represent this groundbreaking cyber security technology developed by Louis-James and his team.

“I think everyone from across the sporting world would be delighted if this technology could help get sports teams back to their respective competition leagues and complete their seasons.”

Zara Tindall (Phillips) MBE, former World Champion and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist added: “I think the potential of this technology is really interesting and has so many uses across the horseracing and equestrian worlds from horse passports and bloodstock sales to tickets for the horse racing season.  We have the opportunity with VCode® to help make many aspects of our industry more efficient and this groundbreaking cyber technology could really have a positive impact. I look forward to working with the team on its introduction and where we can really make a difference. ” 

The technology and use of a V-HEALTH PASSPORT™ in UK sport and in particular the Premier League has also been given the public backing and seal of approval of former Sports Minister Richard Caborn. Caborn believes that the technology would play a crucial role in getting UK sports back to professional competition and televised in a phased comeback.


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