Types Of Casino Bonuses

Different Types Of Casino Bonuses Explained

Different Types Of Casino Bonuses Explained

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Beginners in the casino world have a lot to learn before first wagering in any game. There are payout rates, odds of winning, and many types of bonuses that help you have a good time. “Bonus” is a word that, per se, already explains itself. However, there are multiple types of bonuses, and getting good intel on them will help you get the most out of your bets.

Welcome Bonus

You will hear and read a lot about welcome bonuses. Most casinos give them to new players as a form of encouraging these newcomers to try games and find their favorite slot machines or card tables. Welcome bonuses usually are awarded to you once you make your first deposit, giving you up to a 100% match bonus. If you deposit $100, you get $100 more to play. Sometimes there are wagering requirements to receive that bonus, such as betting on a specific game.

Some welcome packages have bonuses for your following deposits as well. Some casinos give you a bonus for each of your deposits until your fifth deposit. Only the first bonus is 100%, and the other has less value but still has much worth.

No Deposit Bonus

As the name goes, this type of bonus doesn’t require you to deposit any value. However, they usually come with wagering requirements designed to make it impossible for players to abuse the bonus system. Often enough, you have to play a lot of times in a certain game before being able to redeem your bonus. Such bonuses also don’t give a lot of value. They may range from $10 to $50, usually no more than that. Your wins are also capped. For example, if you play with a $10 bonus, the rules might stipulate that the max you can win is $100. It is a measure to prevent casinos from losing money.

Deposit Bonus

Sometimes called “monthly bonuses,” these bonuses are an encouragement to keep players spinning wheels and reels. Also, they are sometimes an invitation to bring back players that have been inactive for a while. You get these regularly (usually once a month) as a reward for your loyalty or a reminder that you can come back to play and win a lot of money. The amount of bonus you get will depend on many factors, such as the casino that offers it, how much you have wagered through the last month if you are active or inactive, etc.

Payment Method Bonus

Online casinos nowadays offer tons of payment methods, but certainly, some of them have fewer taxes for the casino. Sometimes, a casino will give out bonuses for players that use that payment method. In that case, it becomes a good deal for both the player and the casino.
However, this type of bonus isn’t very common nowadays.

High Roller Bonuses

There is a class of casino gamblers that is called high rollers. They are the people that keep casinos alive due to the high amount of money they bet every time. In recognition of that, many times, casinos give out special bonuses to these players and offer VIP packs, promotions, and much more.

Refer A Friend Bonus

That is a common feature even on online free games. In a casino, however, it becomes more exciting. All you have to do is create an account on your preferred casino and refer a friend. It is not very common, though, meaning you need to check which casinos have this sort of bonus.

Free Spins

Free spins are very popular and fun. They usually come together with the welcome package of a casino, but other times you can get them when you have already played many times too. As the name says, a free spins bonus allows you to play on slot machines for free a few times. There usually are wagering requirements before you can make anything out of the bonus.


Now that you know the types of bonuses you can get at online casinos, all you have to do is find the online platform that best suits your needs. To help you with that, you can check plenty of guides and reviews on Bonus Casino Island.

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