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Dating at the Races – Looking for Love in all the right places…

So, you want to find your other half… the one who completes you… the one who will stick by you through the fun stuff and the not-so-fun stuff?

There are a couple of things you might want to know about horse racing and true true lurve – or rather – Dating at the Races… the first is that according to the anthropologists (professional people-watchers) Racing is the ideal first date. 

If you look at it, it’s obvious. Racing is safe, it’s public and there’s always something to talk about – even if you know nothing about horses! You can have something to eat and drink, and if the conversation falls into a bit of a tumbleweed moment, there’s always another race to distract you.

And if you already know about racing and you meet your mate at the racetrack, then according to the people that know these things, a shared interest will give your relationship a truly fabulous start. Dating at the Races means that you’re onto a winner!

And if that shared interest involves getting dressed up, and wining and dining, what’s not to like?

The second (pretty cool) thing you should know about racing is that 45% of people find a love interest at a sporting event.

And do you know which sporting event gives you the best odds of finding a mate? You guessed it, Horse Racing.

You’re more than three times as likely to bump into your future partner at the racetrack as you are if you go to watch the Rugby. And as nearly half of all the people at any given racecourse are aged from 25 to 34; you’ll have plenty of ‘runners’ to choose from! Dating at the Races truly is a thing.

Here at Eclipse, we know that while a lot of people go racing for the horses, a lot of people go racing for the social side of it. We pick out the best parties and give you the inside info to help you get the most out of your date. We can even make you LOOK GOOD by showing you what’s going on around you, and we can tell you WHEN to go racing

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