Couture Comment: Styles of Dressing

There are three main principles of styles in clothing: fitted, semi-fitted and loose fitting.

Fitted garments are those which contour to your body shape; think of structured tailored suits, close fitting dresses, evening gowns. Semi-fitted refers to a style of garment that whilst fitted onto certain areas of the body (a bust dart for example), the remainder of the garment is not form fitted to the body. Loose fitting garments are relaxed in fit and shape with a tendency to be baggy in appearance.

All three style forms have their time, place and space in your wardrobe. Loose fitting garments are great for lounging around in and relaxing.  Fitted garments we tend to think of in terms of work, going out, showing off our physique, whereas semi fitted is a combination of the two, without sacrificing on style. Semi-fitted, whilst contouring to your body, has more wearing ease, but not as much as a loose fitting garment.

I’ve used the above image, a waterfall hem dress as an example of a semi fitted garment: there’s a gentle fit in the bust area, however, the remainder of the dress glides over the body.  The attention is placed on the hemline which has volume; its simplicity is a look that does not compromise on design, and provides the wearer with ease of wear, which is the beauty of its style.  That’s the clever thing about some semi-fitted garments, the ability to combine form, fit and function.

For some of us there may be a particular form of style that we stick to regardless, as it suits our body shape and lifestyle.  Whilst for others it maybe a combination of all three principles of style, fitted, semi-fitted and loose; often where you live in the world can also dictate this.  The possibilities for how you wear your garments are endless; ultimately, what is unique about our style of dressing is creating for ourselves what is often referred to as a signature look; which can also be how we accessorise our chosen look.

As we think more in terms of sustainability, which makes sense from a financial and environmental viewpoint, recent studies have shown we are now looking at garments and styles that speak to, and provide longevity. Quality as always plays a very important role here, so does caring for your garments; it’s not just the investment in your clothing that matters, but also yourself – that sounds like a win/win to me.

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