Couture Comment: Good Posture Can Enhance Your Appearance

Good posture is not just about confidence: physical fitness experts and psychologists agree that your posture communicates an attitude about yourself; it is also known as ‘deportment’.

Deportment: ‘the manner in which a person behaves in physical bearing’ – this is one dictionary definition.

But what does bearing have to do with regards to couture garments, or how we dress?

For starters, posture supports our physical wellbeing and health; when it’s directed to clothes, it makes what you are wearing structurally hang better on your body. Think of a full length evening gown, from head to toe, you notice not only the person but what they are wearing, the details of the garment, the eye naturally travels up and down the body.

The expression ‘hold your head up high, shoulders back, express yourself’, I feel is a necessity that we need to remind ourselves of; especially in this age of technological advancement, being hunched over our computers or mobile devices, it would benefit us immensely to pay attention to our bodies.

When you are getting dressed for a special occasion, have you noticed that once you’ve added all of the finishing touches, as you take that one last look in the mirror, whether consciously or not, that poise you hold, making you appear slightly taller is a contributory factor to your wellbeing, and how you present yourself to the world.

In addition to your clothes, there is another item that assists with your svelte appearance, and that, ladies, is your shoes.  Footwear plays a huge part in posture and appearance; the ‘killer heels’ earned their title for two reasons, one, the height of heel, and two, the expression ‘my feet are killing me in these shoes’! Nothing looks more uncomfortable than a woman struggling to walk in the highest of heels, don’t get me wrong there are some veterans out there who can walk, run, and strut their stuff in 4″ plus heels, you would think they were wearing pumps; I salute those ladies.

However, for those of us who have not as yet mastered the art of stilt walking, height of heel is very important, it can make or break a look and outfit. You want to be looking for support alongside balance in your choice of shoes; a block heel can be easier to navigate, and walk in, than some stilettoes especially on damp grass at the racecourse.

Did you also know that your posture, can also be a contributory factor in making you appear taller and slimmer? Imagine there is a string from the top of your head, as it is pulled upright so is your whole composure; that simple exercise has a natural slimming effect on your body, it helps you to hold your tummy in, it also takes the strain away from your neck and back. In essence your silhouette, what you are wearing, looks shapely, which in addition to the health benefits, is a good practice to be aware of!

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