Couture Comment: Fabrics

Quality fabrics are key to your investment wardrobe pieces.

Fabrics are the starting point for all garments; otherwise we would be left feeling rather chilly! 

In the trade there are many expressions about the ‘cut of one’s cloth’, which is twofold in my opinion, the first being the quality of the fabric, the second being how that fabric is cut to make a suit, dress, suit, coat etc.,

Men’s and women’s tailoring, suits in particular, are often made from wool, but when we think of wool from the perspective of knitting, the image that comes to mind is of a hairy thick yarn. And yet that same yarn depending on the sheep, when shorn, its wool is spun to create a fibre that produces the finest and lightest of fabric that is cool is the summer and warm in the winter, or a heavier weight fabric to match a colder climate.

The varying fashion styling books, that I have read purporting ‘how to put a look together’ speak the same language when it comes to fabrics. When it comes to garment purchases always aim for the best quality fabrics you can afford, it’s more than an investment to your wardrobe and spending power, it’s sustainability, important to our impact on the environment, away from the unsustainable copious landfill that we have today.  In addition cost per wear from your investment pieces actually works out to be better value for money. 

Fabrics and their quality are of huge importance in terms of value, their trading commodity was such that they were, and still are considered alongside gold and silver.  I was surprised to learn that some fabrics have crystal gemstones such as amethyst crushed and woven into the weave, with a view that the energy resonating from the crystal will also be imparted to the wearer!

As a designer and lover of fabrics, I find the whole process fascinating.  I have a few of my dad’s handmade suits made in beautiful fabrics of quality and texture that I intend to repurpose by making into other garments for myself.  You have to bear in mind that some of my Dad’s suits are 50 years old; the quality of the fabric is such that it can be repurposed for a new garment.  Sustainability, investment pieces (in this case Dad’s wool suits of varying weights), repurposed, perfect; I not only have the memories of my Dad, but a garment made in one of his old suits.

Your wardrobe investment pieces have the potential to be the future of vintage; look at  the garments of yesteryear that are valued more now, than their original purchase price, not all of them are from renowned designers of a bygone era.   I was surprised to learn of the amount of auctions that carry beautiful fashion garments, designers whose name I may not know, however, their work has stood the test of time. A testament to time itself, a salute to the artisan craft of sewing, those who sew and made the designer’s name, using fabrics of quality, their knowledge, workmanship and time.

Premium fabrics will always stand the test of time! 

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