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Couture Comment: Animal Printed Fabrics – Timeless Modern Print

Well if you don’t already know it, I am a lover of fabrics, all forms types and textures – especially, animal printed fabrics. From a design perspective it’s how I start my work.  

 I examine the fabric, draping over the mannequin, pinning in places to see what shapes are evolving, at this stage it’s a blank canvas, which I find intriguing.

I’ve been an avid collector of fabrics for years. Some of the fabrics I have acquired date back to the ’50s, the characteristics of design are now termed vintage, yet they are still as relevant today with regards to designing and making a garment, as they were when first woven in the mill.

For the past couple of months, I have been noticing another fabric that also moves beyond nostalgia, is truly timeless and for some it maybe a ‘Marmite moment’, you either love it or not.  I was on a webinar recently for a week, and noticed that each day the host would be wearing another version of this particular print. I have a dress and scarves in this ubiquitous printed fabric, plus the opening picture is already the biggest clue. It’s animal printed fabric, noticed I have said ‘printed fabric’, I prefer for animals to wear their own, I respectively admire their beauty from afar.

Animal prints, in particular the spotted versions, I have noted complement all curves and skin tones, it transcends fashion seasons, and styles. With animal print, garments – including shirts, dresses, trousers, mini-skirts, evening dresses to lounge wear – move beyond being classic; it is in a class all of its own, as it is always modern day and relevant. It is also found in home furnishings from wallpaper, to sofa upholstery, such is its versatility.

This animal print dress (pictured top) is over 10 years old, I’ve teamed it with a reversible silk scarf, viola, she’s ready to go.

When wearing your animal print and looking to accessorise, it doesn’t in my opinion, have to be exact colour matching; contrasting colours without being garish make this look equally exciting.  Support with a solid colour makes the print the main focus, a look to consider, as another print would have the two fighting for dominance.

For me this is a very interesting printed fabric; it’s funny how as I started to look more into this style of fabric design, I found it showing up everywhere on different body-shapes, designs, colours and styles looking equally lovely on each person wearing it.

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