Bet on Horses: Preakness Stake Contenders of 2020

Even with the global pandemic, the horse racing industry is still preparing for the most prestigious horse race in the world—the Triple Crown event. It is one of the most awaited in the globe where only the best horse can dominate the tracks. The Triple Crown event is divided into three races: the Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Derby, and Preakness Stakes.

With the Belmont Stakes formally opening the event last June 20, the next race is the Kentucky Derby and to be concluded by the Preakness Stakes. One thing new about this season is the Preakness Stakes becomes the last race in the Triple Crown. This last race for the season becomes the bearing of the new owner of the Triple Crown trophy.

With the Preakness still months away, fans already have a list of their favorite contenders. Judging the contenders’ performances from the Belmont to the Shared Belief Stakes, these fans are eager to win more than ever. So if you want to better your chances, here is a list of Preakness Stakes contenders you should keep an eye on.

Tiz the Law

Tiz the Law became an instant favorite after winning the Belmont Stakes last June. If you’re planning to bet on something safe, this is your guy. Tiz the Law has a flawless record of winning first in his entire career. Besides that, the Preakness Stakes odds for 2020 also favors this three-year-old Colt. So, don’t forget to bet on this one.

Dr. Post

Second, in place in the Belmont Stakes is Dr. Post. No wonder he would also appear second in trending horses for the Preakness Stakes. Even with a late debut, his performance in the Belmont and the Monmouth Park amazed the masses as he finished second. However, with a longer distance, Dr. Post needs to practice and enhance his stamina.

Max Player

Finishing third in the Belmont, Max Player also gained some fans with his speed. This horse may seem comfortable striding from the tail, but keep an eye as he strategizes to work his way to the front at the last minute. Moreover, Max Player has trouble boosting in the dirt track, but he will surely give you a fantastic performance when guided from the outside.

Tap it to Win

Tap it to Win finished fifth in the Belmont Stakes, but you might consider betting on him as his race records show that he could do a lot more. Additionally, his odds do not deviate so much from the pack. Tap it Win is not a crowd favorite, but he certainly has a strategy that you should observe. Watch out for this Thoroughbred in the race tracks.

Sole Volante

Sole Volante is trained to excel in the grass rather than the dirt, thus not a favorite among bettors for the Triple Crown events. However, emerging as a winner in the AlwOC and the Sam F. Davis races surely secured him a spot in the Preakness Stakes. His chances are somewhat in the middle, so better consider betting on Sole Volante.


Trained by William Mott, Modernist shows excellent speed in the tracks. No one expected him to win in the Risen Star G2, which guarantees him a spot in the Kentucky Derby. Besides that, his upset victory is also expected in the Preakness Stakes. One thing you should know about Modernist is that he is a stamina-oriented horse that is still under progress.

Farmington Road

Farmington Road competed against the Kentucky favorites,’ but he only finished eighth. There is no news as to why he is not competing in the Kentucky Derby, but we will see his face on the Preakness Stakes. Farmington has a long record in racing and has won in some, but his strategy and talent might need improvements.


Steven Asmussen trains this three-year-old Colt for the Winchell Thoroughbred LLC. Pneumatic finished fourth in the Belmont, but some hope for a better show from him as he competes in the Preakness. Pneumatic has the potential and speed to win, though he needs to improve and strategize for the Preakness.

Fore Left

Fore Left already has a long history in the tracks, mostly from 2019, but we will be seeing him again for the Preakness Stake. The odds might not be in his favor, but his experience in the tracks might make up. Still, Fore Left is worth considering when you review his stats from his previous races.

Jungle Runner

This three-year-old Colt is jockeyed by Reylu Guiterrez and is another trainee under Steven Asmussen. His Preakness Stake odds are 50/1 but don’t forget to review his racing records. Jungle Runner has also competed in the Belmont Stakes finishing tenth in the race. Though watch out, as he will show improved performance in the Preakness.


The Preakness Stakes will take place on October 5 in the Pimlico Race Course, so there is a lot of time to analyze which horse you will be betting on the race. You can rewatch their performance in the Belmont and other races within the year. Also, don’t forget that their performance in the Kentucky Derby should also factor in your decisions.

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