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An A-Z of Fashion for Royal Ascot

Fashion for Royal Ascot: forget the official rules, here is an A-Z of practical ‘dos’ and ‘dont’s’ when it comes to Royal Ascot fashion:

Ascot As usual, Ascot will act not just as the backdrop to the world’s finest race meeting, but also to the colour and variety of contemporary and traditional fashions.

Beauty A fresh-faced female will be picked out from the crowds at Royal Ascot by Europe’s leading model agency, Models 1, to become ‘The Face of Ascot 2010.’ Scouts will be on the lookout during the opening two days of the Meeting.

Cravats Just not quite the done thing these days. Wear ties with Morning Dress unless you’re at a wedding!

Dress Code The wearing of morning dress and formal wear has developed over time and the dress code for the Royal Enclosure is at the heart of Royal Ascot.

Eccentricity So there’s a dress code… but that doesn’t stop Ascot being the perfect place to show off your own style and express your individual personality (within reason!).

Feet! No pain, no gain! High heels look fabulous but don’t neglect your feet girls! The site is a quarter of a mile long so lady visitors may wish to consider their footwear carefully…or wear the heels and take along a set of fabulous foldable flats from CocoRoseLondon for later on!

Glamorous Perceptions of glamour change but the core principle remains the same: being glamorous is about creating an illusion that you lead an enviable life.

Happiness No outfit would be complete without a beaming bright smile – remember to wear yours and take advantage of your most attractive (and free) feature!

…And Hats Simply the Ascot accessory! Wear hats straight on the head or tilted mysteriously over one eye. How a hat looks from the neck up is most important.

Inspiration Be inspired by the latest catwalk trends, the season’s colours and contemporary looks. Show off your own style and become the trend-setter not a follower!

Jewellery Remember to keep it simple, over accessorising can easily draw the eye away from a classic outfit.

K…? After all the confusion this caused last year, a reference to this is no longer required!

Ladies’ Day There is no difference whatsoever between any of the five days of Royal Ascot – no Ladies Day is promoted – all five days are ladies’ days! Ascot is about hats and ladies dressed beautifully all week.

Morning Dress Morning dress (black or grey) is compulsory in the Royal Enclosure but is also a familiar sight in other areas of the racecourse.

Now …is the time to start planning your perfect outfit. Don’t delay as leaving it to the last minute could cost you in the style stakes!

Orange Every girl’s worst nightmare is streaky tan lines – a total fashion faux pas and there’s no excuse.

Paparazzi Royal Ascot is one of the ‘must attend’ events for photographers from all over the world. Literally hundreds of snappers representing the papers and glossies descend on Ascot every June, and some even photograph the horses!

The Queen Betting on the colour of the Queen’s hat on Gold Cup Day is available from any bookmaker worth his salt. Just be wary of believing all the post-arrival hype about leaks from the Palace and betting coups being landed by insiders. It’s a novelty market and they never take more than pennies and the “we were hit for thousands!” story is becoming a Royal Ascot tradition in itself!

Rainy Days Don’t get caught out in the unpredictable summer showers – a trusty umbrella can also double up as the ultimate fashion accessory to complement your outfit.

Summer Sun Sun protection cream is a must – nobody can make sunburn look good!

Toppers Black or grey are equally acceptable but if you’re not going the silk route, grey is much safer.

Urban Myths For the very last time! Rod Stewart was NOT ejected from the Royal Enclosure. He was looking for his hospitality area and a very kind, if admittedly slightly frightening Royal Enclosure steward, was snapped pointing him in the direction of his suite. A free gift for the paparazzi? Yes.

Vehicular Egress! Ladies, the easiest way to exit a vehicle is to take a firm hold on the back hem of the skirt, twist your body with your legs together until your legs are toward the exiting door of the vehicle, and then stand.

What Not To Wear Everyone has experienced their own personal fashion disaster at some time in their life. The ultimate ladies’ nightmare is surely getting home from a day at the races to find you’ve been singled out by the BBC Fashion Team, who take absolutely no prisoners!

The X Factor … if you’re truly carried away with your partner’s immaculate appearance, the pink benches at Ascot are there for proposals!

Fashion Designer of the Year ….The award-winning line-up in the 2009 Fashion Show includes “Designer of the Year,” Luella, whose love of horses has been inherent from the outset of her career – her first collection was entitled: “Daddy I Want a Pony!”

Zips Gentlemen ensure these are always done up. A simple schoolboy error can spoil even the most distinguished of outfits!

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